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Covid-19 new service information

Changes during the national lockdown beginning 5 January 2021

Click and Collect

We are working hard to make sure you have the books you need. To support this, we recommend that you reserve any books you may need as soon as you can. 

It may take 3-5 working days if the book is showing as 'available' on the catalogue.

Please be aware, that while we will make every effort to make books you request available, this may not always be possible. Some books are in high demand and all copies may be on loan to other people and you may be in a queue. Occasionally, books that show as available on the catalogue are missing from our shelves.

Study Spaces

You can still come and study in the library, but we have reduced the number of seats available. From Mon 11 Jan 2021 you will only be able to book study spaces on Floor 0 Entrance area and Extension, Floor 01 and Floor 02, when the library is open


Click and Collect service

We have introduced a new Click and Collect service for books. This will enable you to borrow printed books and journals whilst keeping you and staff as safe as possible. We will collect requested books from the shelves and make them available for you to collect from the library.

  • Staff and all students - Reserved books may be collected Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00.
  • Please see our opening times webpage for details. 

Note: At this time there is no access to the book shelves. Limited study spaces are available. Study space must be booked in advance of your visit.

Note: Government advice now states that face coverings should be worn in libraries. Please wear a mask or other face covering when you use the Click and Collect service unless you have a medical exemption.

Note: It may take 3-5 working days if the book is showing as 'available' on the catalogue. 

What does this service cover?

Books and journals that the library holds in print format only.

The following items are NOT covered by this service:

  • Books and journals which are also available electronically via the library catalogue: you should access these as normal.
  • Skeletons and laptops.
  • Inter-library Loans.

How does this service work?

Please watch our Click and Collect video for a walk through of the process. Please note that the video refers to booking the express lane. This service has been suspended, as we have enough issue machines to cope with current demand.

Requesting your book

  1. Reserve the book.
  2. We will collect the book from the shelves and place it in a plastic wrapper. 
    Note: this may take 3-5 days if the book is 'available' on the catalogue. If the book is already on loan, we cannot guarantee how quickly it will become available for you.
  3. You will receive an email to your University email account, telling you that the book is ready to collect.
  4. Collect your book from the Library. Alternatively, follow the link in the email to book a locker in the Richmond Building for collecting your book outside library opening hours.

Collecting your book from the library

Before coming to the library:

  • Ensure that you have had the email informing you that your book is ready to collect. You will need to show this (either on your phone or printed out) when you visit the library.
  • Look at the current access arrangements and opening times.
  • Ensure that you have your University ID card. You cannot access the library without it. For new or replacement cards please contact MyBradford.
  • Make a note of which shelf your book is on.
  • Be aware that you will not need your PIN to issue a book when using this service.

At the library:

  • Show your confirmation email (either on your phone or printed out) to the member of staff staff at the entrance gate.
  • Go to the correct shelf and collect your book.
  • Take your book to an issue machine and issue your book. 

Note: we have made this a contactless process, so you will not need to enter your PIN.

Collecting your book from a locker in the Richmond Building

  1. In the email telling you your book is ready to collect, click on the link to 'book a locker'.
  2. Book an available locker on your preferred day. This must be either the first Monday or Thursday after you receive the email.
  3. The book will be issued to your library account and placed in a locker in the Richmond Building.
  4. You will receive an email which will contain:
  • Your locker number.
  • Unique locker code.
  • How long you have to collect your book (6 days after your booked collection day).
  • Instructions on how to use the locker.

Note: Emails about your locker booking may go to your Junk mail folder.

The Richmond Building is accessible 24/7. You will need you University ID card to enter the building. For new or replacement cards please contact MyBradford.


Need help?

  • If you are unable to collect your book in person or are uncomfortable about doing so, please contact us about alternative arrangements Tel: 01274 (23)3301 or
  • For any questions or problems, please contact Tel: 01274 (23)3301 or and we will endeavour to help.
  • For subject enquiries and eBook access help, please contact your subject librarian.
  • Library help, is our online FAQ repository.

How are we keeping you safe?

We have put several measures in place to try and minimise risk and keep everyone as safe as possible. Understandably, this will have an impact on the speed at which this service can be delivered. These measures include:

  • Quarantining books. Books will appear on the library catalogue as in 'Quarantine' for 72 hours after they have been returned. This includes returned books that have requests on them. We have been advised that this will be enough time for any virus that may have been on the book to have died.
  • Making visiting the library to collect books a contactless process. You will not need to touch anything other than your wrapped books. We have also removed the need for you to enter your PIN when issuing books.
  • Placing books in plastic wrappers. This is to minimise the number of people who will have touched the book before you do.
  • Restricting the number of people in the library at any one time. This will ensure that there is enough space for everyone to be safe.
  • Face coverings. These are now mandatory in all U.K. libraries unless you have a medical exemption.

Freepost book return service

We are pleased to be able to offer a freepost service to all University of Bradford students. This enables you return your books without having to come back to the University and without incurring any costs.

Note: this service is only available from within the UK.

What you need to do:

  1. Take a photo of the books you are returning.
  2. Package your books securely, making sure each package is no heavier than 10-12kg. Although the maximum weight allowed is 20kg, this is very heavy and we would prefer you send the books in multiple packages.
  3. Go to our page on the Royal Mail website and follow the instructions to print off your freepost label(s).
  4. Make a note of the tracking number(s). This is to help us resolve any problems if they occur during transit and for your own peace of mind.
  5. Take your book package(s) to the post office. Alternatively, you can use the Royal Mail Parcel Collect service.

Please allow 10 days for the package to arrive at the library and the books to be removed from your record.

You can still use this service if you do not have access to a printer. Post Office staff can scan the QR code that will be in the email that Royal Mail send you upon registering your package. They will be able to print the label for you.

For any help or questions about this service please contact us at or use the Library help service.

Commonweal Collection

Members of the Commonweal Collection can request books using the following method

  • Select your books using the library catalogue
  • Note the author, title, classmark and barcode of the book(s) you would like to borrow
  • Email these details to
  • Please also include your borrower number (this can be found on your card) and your name.
  • Please wait for an email from us before you travel to campus to collect your book(s).  

Note: This service is available only to existing members of the Commonweal Collection. We are unable to process new requests for membership at this time.

Study space booking

There are bookable individual, quiet study spaces in the library. Only you will have access to the study space for the day, so you may come and go from the library as much as you like during your booking.

Note: check the description of what is available in each study space before booking, e.g. access to power, height adjustable desk.

Note: spaces are currently available on Floors 0, 01 and 02.


  • You are limited to 2 active booking reservations at one time.
  • You may not bring anyone else with you.
  • You may not work alongside another student in your booked space.
  • Only drinks in covered containers may be brought into the library. No food is allowed.
  • You must wear a face covering, unless you have a medical exemption.
  • Access to books is only through the Click and Collect service. You will not have access to browse the shelves.
  • You must bring your card to enter the library. Please visit MyBradford if you need a new student card. See the MyBradford home page for more information. 


  • Printers and photocopiers - these are now located in Student Central, close to MyBradford.


Booking a study space

How to make a booking

  1. Go to one of our study space booking pages.
  2. Click the info button to check the description of the study space you wish to book.
  3. Click on Go To Date or the arrow keys to find your preferred date.
  4. Click on your preferred start time. You may need to scroll to the left or right to find the correct time.
  5. Use the drop-down menu underneath the availability grid to select your preferred end time. Click Submit Times. The default period is 1 hour.
  6. Log in using your University username and password.
  7. Read the terms and conditions, then click on Continue.
  8. Complete the Booking Details page and click on Submit My Booking.
  9. You will receive an email confirming your booking.
  10. Arrive at the library any time in your booking.

Note: be aware of the library access arrangements. Details are available on our opening hours page.

Disability Service study carrels

There are a small number of individual study carrels on floor 02 of the J. B. Priestley Library available to be used by students who have this included in their Learner Support Profile (LSP). Please check your LSP before you make a booking. This service is mediated, please allow time to receive a confirmation email before the start of your booking.

How to make a booking

  1. Go to the Disability Service study carrel booking page.
  2. Select your preferred room.
  3. Click on Go To Date or the arrow keys to choose the date.
  4. Click on your preferred start time. You may need to scroll to the left or right to find the correct time.
  5. Use the drop down menu underneath the availability grid to select your preferred end time. Click Submit Times. The default period is 1 hour.
  6. Log in using your University username and password.
  7. Read the terms and conditions and click on Continue.
  8. Complete the Booking Details page and click on Submit My Booking.
  9. You will receive an email containing a summary of your selection. 
  10. You will receive a second email confirming your booking once staff have checked your eligibility to use this facility.

Note: be aware of the library access arrangement. Details are on our opening hours page.

Special measures to help you study from home

  • Borrowing limit was lifted to 30 books. Renew books even with fines over £5.
  • Fines will not be charged on overdue items.
  • NB! Many key texts are available online. Please use the Summon and catalogue search facilities to link to content.

Be more effective in your studying

Academic Skills Support - Are you looking to be more effective in your studying? Advice and guidance is available to help you develop your Writing and Study skills as well as Maths and Stats skills. Book an online appointment or email Academic Skills Advice for more information.