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Special Collections Support for Learning and Teaching

Special Collections can help academic staff at the University of Bradford with their work in learning and teaching, across all subject areas.

Learning and Teaching

Small group sessions in the Reading Room, introducing students to our collections and explaining how to make the most of primary sources elsewhere.  We can accommodate up to 10 students at a time.  Where it is impossible to split a group, we can offer similar sessions in teaching rooms, though we find students benefit more from seeing original materials in the distinctive setting of the Reading Room.

One to one sessions with students to help with their dissertations and research projects.  These tend to work best as follow-ups to the group sessions where students have been encouraged to discover more.

Learning objects.  We are very keen to develop re-usable resources which enable students to encounter collections in virtual space.

Student Employment

We can help your students become more employable by offering:

Advice on careers in the heritage sector (libraries, archives, museums).  We can see students individually or give talks to groups.

Voluntary opportunities.  Our externally funded Projects often provide opportunities for voluntary work for students interested in the heritage sector or academic careers.  We also encourage students in digital or media subjects to use our collections and services as material for development projects.

Find out more

There are many other possibilities for collaboration.  Please contact Alison Cullingford, the Special Collections Librarian, to discuss further.