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Special Collections Fetch Service

Introducing Fetch

To support University of Bradford staff and students needing access outside our opening times, we offer a limited fetch service.  We recently improved this service: you can now contact Special Collections staff directly and (if we are available) we fetch the book while you wait.

The service is only available for:

  • Printed books with "reference" status on the Library catalogue.
  • UB staff and students in good standing with the Library.

If Special Collections staff are not available, please email us or leave a voice mail and we will get back to you to make arrangements for you to access what you need.

Sorry, the following are not suitable for the fetch service and can only be used in the Reading Room:

  • Archives, manuscripts, pamphlets, ephemera, maps and oversize books.
  • Printed books with “Supervised” status e.g. hand-printed (pre-1850), rare or unique, fragile or significant provenance.  Material in demand in the Reading Room or required to run our services may also not be available.


  • Fetched books are for reference in the J.B. Priestley Library only.
  • Books must be returned to the Library Counter during its opening hours.
  • Care instructions will be supplied with your book.  Please look after it.
  • While you have the book, it is on your UB number and it is your responsibility to return it safely.

Other options

The fetch service is not always the best way for you to get the information you need.  For instance:

  • Many historic (pre-20th century) books can easily be found freely available online.
  • If you need several fetched books, you may find it easier to arrange an appointment to browse the relevant collection in the Reading Room.

Staff will discuss your requirements with you when you make your request.