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Special Collections Enquiries

We try to put as much information about our collections and services online as we can.  However there may be questions you need to ask us.  We are very pleased to help with enquiries relating to Special Collections.  This service is open to anyone and is free.

E-mailing is the most reliable way to contact us, though we can also answer enquiries via telephone, letter or our social media sites: see our Special Collections Opening Hours and Contact Details page for details.

Please give us as much information about your enquiry as possible - the more we know, the easier it is for us to help.

Sorry, there are some practical limits to what we can do. We can only spend a short period of time on individual enquiries. For instance, we are not able to look through whole archives or runs of newspapers for you. Our limited staffing means we do not currently offer a paid research service, though we may do so in future.