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Quick Wins Programme

We believe the key to getting more people using our archives is a) cataloguing those archives and b) getting catalogues online.  This means people can find these archives just by searching for the names, places, subjects that interest them.  Those people don't necessarily have to know that we exist or that an archive is what they need.

Like many other archives services, Special Collections has inherited archive catalogues which exist only on paper or which use outdated guidelines.   The Quick Wins programme will quickly digitise and otherwise update these useful documents in order to make more information about important archives widely available online.

So far we have completed the following catalogues:

Papers on Anthrax press cuttings which helped cure a killer disease, scourge of Bradford wool workers

Rawnsley British Union of Fascists Collection a remarkable autobiography plus interviews with BUF members

Barbara Castle Cabinet Diaries Labour government of the 1960s and 1970s, as it happened

Independent Labour Party Russian Tour Material a mystery notebook from a trip to the USSR

Papers of the Popplewell Inquiry into Crowd Safety at Sports Grounds the Bradford City fire of 1985

Revis Barber and Dennis Bellamy Papers two men who helped shape Bradford University

Laredo South African Archive an academic who opposed apartheid

Papers of Eric Baker a Quaker who explored human rights issues in 1950s Cyprus

Daybook of Sir Titus Salt the notebook that created Saltaire

Edith Durham Balkan Collection scrapbooks about Albania, collected by a pioneering writer and traveller.

W. R. Mitchell Archive people, stories and landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales.

Archive of the Medical Association for the Prevention of War doctors campaigning for disarmament and a better world since 1951

Research Papers of David J. Mitchell on Military Nonconformity letters from and interviews with conscientious objectors of the First World War and the "awkward squad" of the Second World War.