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PaxCat 2

Introducing PaxCat 2

Special Collections holds vast quantities of archives and other historic materials created or gathered by Commonweal Library which tell the stories of peace and nonviolent protest in Britain and worldwide.  The PaxCat projects aim to make these rich resources available to the public. 

In 2008 the first PaxCat Project was funded by the National Cataloguing Grants Scheme to describe the most significant Commonweal archives, including the Peace News Archive and archives relating to nuclear disarmament campaigns during the late 1950s and early 1980s.

However, many other archive collections were not covered by this project, nor was the "Commonweal Miscellany": pamphlets, journals, ephemera, “info files”, semi-published material, grey literature etc. These potentially significant resources remained inaccessible to the public.

In PaxCat 2, the Special Collections Librarian will look strategically at these collections, mapping and appraising them and using Quick Wins methods to make catalogues widely available as quickly as possible.  As with PaxCat 1, this work will transform hidden collections into unique and distinctive treasures with huge potential for research, teaching and many other activities.

Paxcat 2 Progress

Progress is slow because we are using core staff and have many other priorities, but we are improving access with every new piece of work.

April-November 2013.  All archives and miscellany are mapped and appraised.  We have developed policies and procedures for the pamphlets and listed a significant number of them and are beginning to work on the ephemera, archives and other material.

2014-present.  Cataloguing the pamphlets.  The bulk of this work is now done.

2015-present.  We are providing basic catalogues for archives.

2016.  We have done a basic alphabetical sort of journals.  This offers a good basis for more detailed work once the pamphlets are completed.