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Special Collections Newsletters

About our Newsletters

We currently (2017) lack staffing capacity to produce regular newsletters, though we hope to do so again in future.  You can keep up with our news via our news webpage, blog and Twitter account.

We make our back issues available online as they are rich in information about collections and activities that remain relevant.  Please note however that they are historic documents and therefore links and information may be out of date!

Back issues

Special Collections News September 2014

  • Welcome to Potential Graduates
  • English Journey Conference
  • The Eleventh Hour - Mitrinovic Archive discoveries
  • Priestley, Dunne and Dreams on BBC Radio 3
  • New Priestley and Bradford books
  • Thinking ahead ...

Special Collections News August 2014

  • Woolwashers
  • Meet new archivist Emma Burgham
  • Special Collections achieves Archive Accreditation
  • New archives and book donations
  • Pots Before Words art exhibit wins Prize

Note that we didn't produce a newsletter between 2011 and 2014.

Special Collections News - Autumn 2011 (pdf, 488 KB)

  • Welcome to Windyridge
  • 100 Objects set the Pace
  • Jacquetta gets Better
  • Holdens Untangled
  • Farewell John Brooker
  • Reading Room Reshuffled.

Special Collections News - Spring 2011 (pdf, 661 KB)

  • 100 Objects Bradford
  • Priestley the Pipeman
  • The Special Collections Handbook
  • Wonderweb
  • PaxCat Plus ... Journal Joy
  • Jacquetta into 2011.
  • Caring for Collections: stronger, together.

Special Collections News - Autumn 2010 (pdf, 755 KB)

  • More about J.B. Priestley's Finest Hour
  • Jacquetta Hawkes at Ilkley Literature Festival
  • Farewell Commie Building!
  • Congratulations to Tom Priestley (Honorary degree)
  • PaxCat at the Hub
  • Caring for the Collections: our "inflight safety briefing".

Special Collections News - Spring 2010 (pdf, 346 KB)

  • Bravo PaxCat!
  • Celebrating Jacquetta
  • Tweet!
  • Windyridge reborn
  • Priestley's finest hour

Special Collections News - Autumn 2009 (pdf, 520 KB)

  • JBP delights again.
  • Darwin in Bradford.
  • New Atlantis preserved: part 2.
  • Ephemera forever.
  • Dales icons.
  • 1930s PR for Priestley

Special Collections News - Summer 2009 (pdf, 274 KB)

  • From Bradford Moor to Silver Dale: the Willie Riley Archive.
  • Drawing for Peace: Peggy Smith.
  • Did Mr Miniver read Priestley?
  • Bradfinder live 28 July.
  • Preserving the New Atlantis.

Special Collections News - Autumn 2008 (pdf, 485 KB)

  • The Joseph Riley Archive: wool, magic lanterns and Methodism in 19th century Bradford.
  • PaxCat Project: bringing peace archives to life.
  • The goddess of Bradford.
  • Bones, bodies and disease.
  • Keeping Yorkshire afloat.

Special Collections News - Spring 2008 (pdf, 397 KB)

  • Archives relating to 50 years of CND and other anti-nuclear protest.
  • Showcasing hidden gems: our new blog and other web developments.
  • "Red Ted" Edward's Archive catalogued.
  • Improved handlist for the Isaac Holden Papers.
  • Caring for the Collections: the "disaster box".

Special Collections News - Autumn 2007 (pdf, 336 KB)

  • "Made in Bradford: the University in pictures". Exhibition in the Library.
  • J.B. Priestley news: just received! - his letters from the trenches and early short stories, essays and poems.
  • Two more Commonweal Archives on peace movements catalogued and ready to use.
  • Caring for the Collections: keeping clean with our new "minivac".

Special Collections News - May 2007 (pdf, 220 KB)

  • New collections now available: books by Adam Curle (our first Peace Studies professor) and the Albania scrapbooks of Edith Durham, Balkan traveller.
  • Maps in May: Arthur Raistrick's map collection on the Archives Hub.
  • Happy retirement to Dr Horton.
  • Caring for the Collections: digital archives are special too.

Special Collections News - November 2006 (pdf, 250 KB)

  • Exhibitions on campus until January 2007: "The University in Pictures" and "Celebrating Ted Edwards".
  • Picturing Priestley: mini-season at the Ilkley Literature Festival
  • New collections on Yorkshire history (Dales photographs by Fred Robinson Butterfield and a Bradford man's autobiography by Joseph Riley) and peace studies (Adam Curle Archive, library of Joseph Rotblat)
  • Caring for the Collections: meet the Foam Family and the friendly book snakes.

Special Collections News - June 2006 (pdf, 382 KB)

  • Happy 40th birthday Bradford!
  • Celebrating Commonweal
  • Caring for Special Collections: conservation
  • New collections: archives of Ted Edwards, Adam Curle, Fred Singleton; Quaker books.

Special Collections News - May 2005 (pdf, 778 KB)

  • Jacquetta Hawkes Archive launched April 2005
  • Welcome to Commonweal Peace Archives
  • J.B. Priestley's ancestors
  • W. Riley and "Windyridge"

Special Collections News - May 2004 (pdf, 893 KB)

  • Plans of a Turkish Bath for Isaac Holden
  • Seagulls versus submarines
  • A new look at Mortimer Wheeler
  • Caring for Special Collections: thermohygrometers.

Special Collections News - December 2003 (pdf, 404 KB)

  • Holly and ivy
  • Pharmacy exhibition
  • Priestley season on Radio 4
  • Forthcoming events
  • Using Special Collections : "why pencil?"

Special Collections News - September 2003 (pdf, 370 KB)

  • The Jacquetta Hawkes Archive
  • Arrival of Dr Christine Finn, our Writer-in-Residence
  • Our oldest book
  • Making phase boxes for damaged books.