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Current and forthcoming exhibitions

New stories coming soon!

Online exhibitions

100 Objects Bradford Online

100 amazing objects with a story to tell, the very best of Special Collections at Bradford.  Curator: Alison Cullingford.

PaxCat Project Gallery Online

36 of the most colourful, important and meaningful images unearthed by the PaxCat Project.  Curator: Helen Roberts

Past, Present, Man, Nature: celebrating Jacquetta Hawkes Online

An extraordinary woman’s response to the deep past and nature, as an archaeologist and poet.  Curator: Alison Cullingford.

Priestley's Finest Hour Online

Reflections by Alison Cullingford on J. B. Priestley's 1940 Postscripts broadcasts, as they happened, seventy years on. 

Some previous exhibitions

Fashionable Yorkshire.  Lotherton Hall.  17 March - 31 December 2017

Discover the style of Yorkshire women through a fabulous fashion display, from 1600s to the present day.  We have loaned letters and a 'book of travels' written by one of the women, Mary Holden Illingworth.  Blog post about Fashionable Yorkshire.

People Power: fighting for peace.  Imperial War Museum, London.  23 March - 28 August 2017.

Original sketches of the nuclear disarmament symbol and several other historic peace-related documents from our collections were seen by thousands at this major exhibition.  Blog post about People Power.

50th Anniversary displays, 2016

We created several displays as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations at the University.

Consuming Passions  Fairfax House, York.  28 May-31 December 2015

We loaned a wonderful scrapbook of colourful Regency fabrics to this exhibition, which explored the Georgian world of luxury shopping.  15,000 people enjoyed it!

Pots Before Words Gallery II, University of Bradford. 10 April-22 May 2014

New works by artist Kate Morrell, commissioned by Gallery II.  Kate engages with the life and work of Jacquetta Hawkes, via research in her Archive: Jacquetta’s study of prehistory, her appreciation of the role of pottery, and her humanistic take on archaeology.

J.B. Priestley: Soldier Writer Painter Bradford Industrial Museum. 19 April-17 August 2014

A rare chance to see "Jack" Priestley's First World War letters and other belongings, plus 30 of his "leisure paintings", alongside the Museum's own major exhibit about Bradford 1914-1918.

A Concern for Peace Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford.  1-3 May 2014

Artefacts telling the story of Peace Studies, from the Appeal by the Society of Friends to support a Chair, the arrival of Professor Adam Curle, and the way the department developed during the 1970s and early 1980s.  Display was part of the Peace Studies 40th anniversary conference.  You can find most of the images and stories in our 100 Objects display.

Cohesion, Challenge and Critique: the Arts and Issues fellows at Bradford University, 1966-1982. Gallery II, University of Bradford. 4 November 2013-16 January 2014

This collaboration between Special Collections and the University's Permanent Art Collection explored one of the most interesting and distinctive parts of the University's story: the "arts and issues" programme.  Curated by Amy Charlesworth with help from Alison Cullingford and Martin Levy.

Back to A Land. Yorkshire Sculpture Park. September-November 2012

Dr Christine Finn used manuscripts, letters, postcards, photographs and flints from the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive in this exhibition revisiting the key locations of A Land, Hawkes' synthesis of geology, poetry and travelogue.

Celebrating Jacquetta Hawkes. Ilkley Manor House Museum. 28 September-31 October 2010

Part of the Words, Land and Landscape strand of the Ilkley Literature Festival. Highlighted Jacquetta's masterpiece, A Land, which fuses geology and poetry, and presented her as film-maker, poet, archaeologist and fashionista.  Curated by Alison Cullingford and John Brooker.

Drawing for Peace. Gallery II, University of Bradford, March 2009

Over 100 sensitive, quirky pencil sketches of 1930s activists, writers, and personalities, by Peggy Smith, a life-long peace campaigner.  Curated by Alison Cullingford and Alison Darnbrough.

Art and Archives. Gallery II, University of Bradford. November 2006

The achievements of "Red Ted" Edwards, the University of Bradford’s first vice-chancellor. Featuring many items from the University Archive and artworks from the University’s collections. Curated by Alison Cullingford and Alison Darnbrough.

Picturing Priestley. Ilkley Manor House Museum. October 2006

Overview of JB’s life in photographs and objects, to accompany season of Priestley events in the Ilkley Literary Festival.  Curated by Alison Cullingford and John Brooker.