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Special Collections on the History of the University of Bradford


Special Collections manages the heritage and memory of the University.  Our story goes back to the 19th century, when Bradford needed technical education to make its wool and dyeing industries more competitive.  Bradford Technical College was founded in 1882.  After many years of campaigning for University status, in 1957 the higher education side became a College of Advanced Technology (Bradford Institute of Technology) while the further education side became what is now Bradford College.  The University of Bradford received its Charter on 18 October 1966.

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The Archives of Bradford Technical College, Bradford Institute of Technology and the University of Bradford.

The University Collection: the published record of the University, including Bradford University Press books and ones written by staff, and the essential Student Newspapers.

Archive of the Quaker Peace Studies Trust, who played key role in creation and life of Peace Studies department.

Papers of academics and other University people, including:

Collections reflecting student life: Bradford Students' Union Skopje Archive, Alan Williams Students' Union Archive.