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Ted Edwards Archive

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Dr Ted Edwards was the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford. With his emphasis on values, practical knowledge, working across disciplines, and environmental issues, he shaped the University as we now know it.

Dr Ted Edwards

Dr Edwards was born in Cardiff in 1914. His father was a militant worker in the shipyards; Ted himself was later to be known as "Red Ted" for his membership of the Communist Party until the 1950s and his radical views. Trained as a chemist, Ted moved into educational administration. He came to Bradford in 1957 as Principal of the Bradford Institute of Technology, one of the new colleges of advanced technology, and then steered the college towards University status, achieved in 1966.

Dr Edwards believed a University should not seek knowledge without also considering the benefits or dangers of that knowledge to society. He encouraged "interdisciplinary" courses, involved students in governing the University, and developed arts on campus. Find out more about his ideas via this article in our 100 Objects exhibition: Universities, science and the just society.

He took particular interest in Yugoslavia, encouraging research and teaching about the region, and offering practical help to Skopje, twin city of Bradford, after the terrible earthquake in 1963. Dr Edwards retired in 1978, but continued to write about higher education and to work for peace and social change. He died in November 1996.

The Archive

The Archive is an essential source for understanding the development of the University. It reflects Dr Edwards' time at Bradford and his post-retirement research and peace work. It includes:

  • correspondence relating to the University of Bradford and to Edwards’ role as Vice-Chancellor.
  • drafts of Dr Edwards' books, reports, articles, and lectures.
  • links with the Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik.
  • material concerning World Federation of Scientific Workers.
  • correspondence and publications from peace groups, particularly European Nuclear Disarmament and Peace Education Network.

Much more about the work of Dr Edwards at the University can be found in the University of Bradford Archive.

Ted Edwards Archive collection description

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Ted Edwards Archive handlist

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