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Jacquetta Hawkes Archive

Jacquetta Hawkes

Jacquetta Hawkes (1910-1996) had an immensely rich and varied life, motivated by her passion for the distant past. She was a highly respected archaeologist, a writer of poems, plays and articles, a film-maker and broadcaster and peace campaigner. Her best-known work is probably "A Land" (1951), which fuses archaeology, literature, geology and art to explore Britain's past and present. She first married fellow archaeologist Christopher Hawkes; her second husband was J.B. Priestley, the Bradford-born novelist and playwright.

The Archive

We received Jacquetta's Archive in 2003. It is an incredible record of her life, including diaries, letters, photographs, notebooks and drafts of books, poems, plays and articles, from her school reports and nature diaries to her last writings and obituaries. It vividly illustrates how Jacquetta developed as an archaeologist, journalist and poet, and covers her active engagement with controversial causes and her fascinating social and personal life. Full details in:

Book Collection

To supplement the Archive, we are building a Special Collection of Jacquetta's published books, articles and other writings. It will include works about her or otherwise relevant to the archive, and volumes from her own library.

Christine Finn

Dr Christine Finn, herself an archaeologist and author, is Jacquetta's biographer. She shares Jacquetta's belief in a humanistic, imaginative approach to the study of prehistory and has published an online biography and several articles about her life and works. Dr Finn spent a year as Writer-in-Residence, and Honorary Research Fellowship from the Department of Archaeology. Although no longer based in Bradford, she continues to encourage interest in Jacquetta Hawkes and her Archive via radio, newspaper and lecturing.


  • The J. B. Priestley Archive, Special Collections, University of Bradford.
  • Christine Finn's online biography of Jacquetta.  April 2017: The link to this site ( is temporarily unavailable.  We will re-post the link once it is running again.
  • Our Jacquetta Hawkes blog, Celebrating Jacquetta.
  • For those with access via a university or public library, Dr Finn's Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry for Jacquetta offers an excellent mini biography covering all the key events, ideas and people. Most UK public libraries offer online access via a library card number.