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Special Collections on Archaeology


Research and teaching in archaeology at the University of Bradford integrates geography and the environment and brings together science and humanities to find out more about people of the past. Our major archives in this subject area reflect these approaches.

Our Collections

Jacquetta Hawkes united a poet's imagination with scientific discipline: she popularised the subject through books and broadcasts, and corresponded with many archaeologists.  We have her archive and a collection of her published works.

Arthur Raistrick was a pioneering industrial archaeologist who took a painstaking but popular approach to the study of lead mining in the Yorkshire Dales in particular.  We have his 1200 maps and plans of the Dales, a small collection of his papers, and some of his book collection on Quakers, mining, and local history).

Calvin Wells brought his medical training to the study of archaeological evidence, developing the science of palaeopathology.  We have his archive and book collection.

The Archive of the Prehistoric Society, newly arrived in Special Collections, will form an important new resource for the history of archaeology.