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Library Fines and Web Payments


Fines are charged for overdue items. Please return or renew books promptly. If items are returned late charges will be incurred at the following rates:

Item typeCharges
Four week loans 20p per day
One week loans 40p per day
Three day loans 70p per day
Overnight loans / Periodicals 35p per day
Group Study Room £1 per hour
Inter-library loans 50p per day
Short Loan Collection 70p per hour
Staff File Collection 70p per hour
Laptops £5 per hour

Note: if you have fines of £5 or more, you will not be able to renew your books or borrow further without clearing the fine.

Pay fines

You can pay fines online via the University web payment service eHub.

Log in to eHub

Alternatively, you may pay fines using cash or a card at the Enquiry Desk in the J. B. Priestley Library or using cash only at the Enquiry Desk in the Management and Law Library. 

Web Payments (eHub)

eHub is the online payment system for library fines. 

Once you have logged in, the Account Dashboard screen will show your account details, including your printing and photocopying balance and your most recent printing and photocopying activity. You can also see any outstanding library fines. 

Brief instructions for crediting your account and paying fines

  • Start by checking your balance on the SafeCom printing web page. Add extra funds if needed using the ePay link.
  • Log in to eHub using your University username and password.
  • Library fines are visible in the top right of the screen.
  • Click on the 'Pay Fines' button.
  • Each fine is listed on a separate line.
  • Click the box in the 'Pay' column for each fine you wish to pay then click 'Pay Fines'.
  • You should then see confirmation of the total paid. Any fines not included in your selection will still be available to pay.

Further help on eHub

Please contact the J. B. Priestley Library Welcome Desk for any further assistance.

Library fine disputes

If you wish to dispute a library fine due to extenuating circumstances such as illness, family bereavement or other personal reasons, please complete the Fines Disputes Form.

Fines Disputes Form (pdf, 52 KB) 
Fines Disputes Form (docx, 118 KB) 

Return the form (along with any supporting evidence) to:

Fines Disputes
Customer Services
J. B. Priestley Library
University of Bradford
West Yorkshire

You should expect a response within 7 working days after receipt of your form.

Data protection

Information Services uses a secure third party provider to process payments. We take the security of your personal data very seriously - your credit or debit card details are not seen by Information Services, and the personal data we hold about you (name, address, department, course) are not seen by the company providing the payment service.

Guidance for users on the submission of fines dispute forms

Circumstances normally accepted with accompanying evidence


Users are requested to provide a medical note from a GP, hospital or clinic or provide confirmation from their department of their medical absence.

Family bereavement and other exceptional personal reasons

Users are requested to provide confirmation from someone who can confirm what has happened e.g. tutor, disability officer.

Circumstances not normally accepted

Not knowing about the library loan rules and fines

Loan periods vary depending on the individual item.  The range is 4 weeks to 1 hour. Information about our fine rates are is displayed at the top of this page. 

User not receiving (or not reading) email reminders or messages filtered into clutter / junk folder

Email notices and reminders are sent as a courtesy only. It is the borrower’s responsibility to remain aware of the return/renewal date of their items.

Forgetting the return / renewal date

Return / renewal are available to view in your library account.

Item not renewable because it is on hold for another borrower

Please note that you cannot renew if you have a fine of £5 or more, or if the book has been reserved. Library books are a shared resource and we won’t allow a user to have a book for extra time if another is waiting for it. Renewal is possible only when all requests have been satisfied.

User lives at a distance

We expect users who live at some distance from the University to prepare beforehand by attempting to renew in good time and posting back to us any items which cannot be renewed.

User is away from campus for work, study or leisure purposes, for example on placement, at home for the vacation or on holiday

Users are expected to prepare beforehand and if books are taken to be aware that they may be requested and will need to be returned. Failure to renew or return on time will result in fines.

Lack of access to internet

It is possible to renew in person or by phoning us on 01274 233301.

Having lent the item in question to another person

Return of items is the responsibility of the borrower.