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Creating Your Bibliography with EndNote

EndNote can create your bibliography for you, either as a file for you to open, or as part of a file you are working on. You can use EndNote to create links between the text you have entered in a Word document and your EndNote Library, and create your bibliography as a part of that document.

Finding and inserting citations as you write your essay

  1. Open the EndNote Libraries that contain the references you wish to cite and highlight the relevant one/s.
  2. Open your Word document and position the cursor at the location where you would like the citation. (Make sure that you are in Normal view, otherwise some functions may not be available. Simply go to View and select Normal). You might also want to create a heading for a bibliography at the end of your document.
  3. Go to Word’s EndNote tab, and choose Insert Selected Citation(s). Your reference will appear in the text, in whatever format is already selected in EndNote. (You can change the style as you wish.)
  4. Repeat the insertion process for each reference you use. EndNote will automatically build up your bibliography within your Word document from the citations you insert into the text.

Alternatively, if you wish to search for the citation

  1. Go to Word’s EndNote tab and choose Find Citation(s).
  2. In the Find text box insert enough to identify the references you want to cite. A list of matching references will be displayed.
  3. Identify, highlight and Insert the appropriate reference.


If you want to enter specific page references into the text in your Word document, eg (Jones, 2001, p.21)

  1. Import the citation into your Word document.
  2. Highlight the citation.
  3. Go to Word’s EndNote tab.
  4. Choose Edit & Manage Citation.
  5. Type page numbers in pages box and choose OK, or use the Suffix box instead.

NB Beware – if you simply edit your Word document to insert the page numbers without following these directions and later reformat your bibliography, you will lose all the page references.

Format / reformat your bibliography

Once all citations have been entered, a bibliography will have been created at the end of your Word document. You will need to format the bibliography in the style recommended by your department. For many this will be the Harvard (Brad) style.

  1. In Word, go to the EndNote tab, and Update Citations and Bibliography.
  2. Ensure that your document name appears in the ‘Format document:’ box and that the correct style appears in the ‘with output style’ box. If not, use the drop-down menu to find them.
  3. Then click on OK
  4. Your bibliography is created and the references in your text are changed to the format you require.
  5. To send the document electronically, it must be saved as a standard word document with no attachments to the end note library, so that it does not change when sent. To do this, go to the Endnote tab and choose Convert Citations and Bibliography. Choose Convert to Plain Text. The new document should be saved separately.

If the output style you want does not appear in the drop-down menu, you will need to select it from EndNote’s Output Styles list.

  1. In EndNote, go to Edit and move down to Output Styles. Move across to Open Style Manager
  2. In the EndNote Styles window, scroll down the list and put a tick in the box for Harvard (Brad), or other style that you want.
  3. Close the EndNote Styles window by clicking on the X. The style selected will now appear as one of your format options.

Subject bibliographies

This feature allows you to create a bibliography within EndNote instead of in Word. You can sort it by the criteria you select, eg by author or by keyword.

  1. Highlight the references in your EndNote Library that you want to include.
  2. Go to Tools in EndNote and select Subject Bibliography.
  3. Select the field you want to use, eg keyword to create a bibliography by subject and click OK.
  4. Now select all the terms you want to include, eg click on Select All.
  5. Finally click on OK to format your bibliography.
  6. You can change the output style, preview how it will look on the page, print it or save it to disk.

Need help with this resource?

For further help and information please contact your subject librarian.