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Funding for Gold Open Access publishing

Money is already allocated for Open Access publishing in some older Research Council grants. In these cases money provided in the grant should be used.

More recent grants do not include funding for OA publishing. To cover these situations UKRI have awarded a block grant to each university to spend on OA publishing. In the process of submitting a paper for OA publishing you may apply to the Bradford block grant to cover the related Article Processing Charge. It is important that you fill in the form FIRST before anything else, to ensure there are funds remaining in our block grant, and that your paper is actually eligible for funding. A provisional purchase order will subsequently be raised, and the Bradford author can then send this PO number to the publisher BEFORE requesting Open Access for the paper. Any invoices received from publishers need to be sent DIRECTLY to the Finance Department  (the application form and related instructions provide the contact email). 

The University also has arrangements in place with selected publishers to allow for discounted or waived APCs. Authors need to contact the library to enquire about the availability of any applicable discounts. Currently arrangements are in place with the following journal publishers: selected Springer journal titles, and heavily discounted APCs from SAGE (£200 + VAT per paper).

NB! funds from the block grant are only available if the research was UKRI funded and this is acknowledged in the research publication; if funds are not already allocated in the research grant; and if the paper was submitted for publication after 1 April 2014.