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What if I have already published a paper since 1 April 2013 and did not opt for Open Access?

Many journal publishers allow a retrospective upgrade to a published paper to make it openly accessible. In some cases this can be done online by logging in with author credentials, selecting the paper in question; and clicking on the Open Access options or a similar menu item. This process will generate an invoice from the publisher. The author also needs to fill in the  in order to apply for the APC money. Remember, a paper needs to be eligible for UKRI funding to receive any block grant money.

Some publishers will expect an email regarding any published papers to be converted to Open Access. An invoice will usually be generated once the author has signed the relevant forms. The author will also have to complete the process outlined above.

Publishers will have time limits on how long after publication they allow authors to apply for Gold Open Access. These vary between publishers and journals so authors will need to check with individual publishers whether this is an option for a particular article.

NB! From 1 April 2016 retrospective Open Access will not be an option any longer as papers published after this date have to be made openly accessible within three months of acceptance for publication.