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Statistics for medicine and health

Department of Health official statistics

Official statistics in areas such as abortion rates, breastfeeding rates, hospital buildings, hospital food, hospital car parking charges, plus more.

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

Statistics on admissions, outpatient appointments and A&E attendances at NHS hospitals in England.

NHS Digital (formerly Health and Social Care Information Centre)

The national provider of data and information for Health and Social Care in England. NHS Digital has responsibility for standardising, collecting and publishing data and information from across the health and social care system. It is a key source for health statistics.

NHS England statistical work areas

Covers occupancy, waiting times, dementia referral, referrals and attendance at outpatient appointments, breastfeeding rates, and lots more.

Nuffield Trust - NHS in numbers

Key data on health care expenditure, hospital activity, prescribing, performance and NHS staffing and other resources.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) health and social care

Covers health care system (waiting times, healthcare facilities), health of the population (causes of death, lifestyles, disabilities), special health care (eg maternity services, mental health services).

Office of National Statistics (ONS) health state life expectancy by 2011 Census wards in England and Wales

Health state life expectancy by 2011 Census wards in England and Wales.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Health Statistics

OECD Health statistics, quality care indicators and health expenditure for the OECD member countries.

Public Health England: Local authority health profiles

The Local Authority health profiles provide an overview of health for each local authority in England. Includes the Health Profiles online tool.

Public Health England: National GP profiles

The National General Practice profiles are an interactive web tool (with associated pdf reports) produced by Public Health England Data Science et al. for viewing General Practice data. The tool uses the Fingertips software to provide easy access to in-depth analysis of a wide range of health-related data.

Public Health England: Public health profiles

National health profiles across a range of health and wellbeing themes.

World Health Organization reports and statistics

Statistical reports from WHO programmes.

Help with interpreting statistics

Understanding statistics