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West Yorkshire Policing and Community Research Partnership

West Yorkshire Policing and Community Research Partnership

This innovative partnership between University of Bradford School of Law and West Yorkshire Police conducts in depth qualitative research into aspects of policing policy and community engagement in West Yorkshire.

The project has three main aims:

  • To conduct independent research into the effectiveness of operational policing in West Yorkshire in order to enhance police performance and increase public confidence.
  • To assist West Yorkshire Police in the identification of local community priorities and concerns.
  • To support existing West Yorkshire Police engagement within the local community and so enhance the well-being of the local community.

Completed projects

Manningham and Toller Policing and Wellbeing Evaluation

This study was conducted by the West Yorkshire Policing and Community Research Partnership in conjunction with Bradford South Police and the Neighbourhood Policing Team. The purpose of the research was to evaluate community confidence and satisfaction in relation to policing priorities and performance in the Manningham and Toller Wards, within the broader context of overall community wellbeing. This entailed extensive and inclusive consultation with all groups within this community in order to identify those issues which the community itself considers relevant to policing and the factors which impact on communication and information dissemination in matters of policing and police performance.

Current projects

The research partnership is designed to reflect the views of the local community in its engagement with the police and policing strategy and works with the support of WYP Neighbourhood Policing Teams. For this reason, we are pleased to consider suggestions for research projects from members of the community. If you live in the WYP area and would like to see research conducted into a specific aspect of policing, or for further details on the work of the partnership, please contact the academic coordinator Dr Chris Taylor.