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The study of Law at undergraduate or postgraduate level gives you a wide range of options with respect to your future career.

Law degrees hold international prestige and are recognised around the world, offering you lots of exciting career opportunities.

Qualifying law degrees

The Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board have accredited the Bradford LLBs as qualifying law degrees.

This means if you successfully complete the assessments and examinations in the seven foundations of legal knowledge and legal skills training, you will be eligible for exemption from the academic stages of training and be able to continue to the postgraduate study and practical-based training stages needed to become a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales.

You will receive a certificate of completion from the Law Society upon successful completion of the degree. This will enable you to proceed to the Legal Practice Course (for aspiring solicitors) or the Bar Professional Training Course (for aspiring barristers).

Career paths

Our specialised LLBs mean you can stand out from the crowd and prepare yourself with specialist knowledge relevant to the field you want to get into.

Many of our law graduates go on to pursue careers within the legal sector, furthering their study and training needed to become practising solicitors and barristers, but lots of our graduates have also gone into other professions.

Our Law graduates go on to careers including:

  • Student with phone. Business: With a law degree you can enter the exciting world of business - work for a multinational company. get involved in project management, business plans, and work with stakeholders within the sector.

  • PR and marketing: Utilising your communication skills, you’ll work on campaigns and events promoting your employer's products, services or brand.

  • Teaching: If you like working with children and want to play a part in their education, this is a job suited to you.

  • Law enforcement: In a role such as a police officer, you will work in partnership with communities to maintain law and order, working closely with members of the criminal justice system, social workers and other organisations to reduce crime and improve quality of life. 

And legal careers pursued by our graduates include:

  • Solicitor: Solicitors are employed by private law firms, government agencies or commercial organisations.
    You will provide legal advice, acting on behalf of your client in court and throughout legal negotiations.
    Clients can be individuals, public sector companies and private organisations.
    Issues can range from divorce and child custody to compensation claims and business contracts. 

  • Law student in wig. Barrister: Barristers represent clients in court pleading a case on behalf of clients and clients' solicitors.
    As a barrister you will have a specialised area of law and be part of a chambers.

  • Paralegal: Paralegals have experience and skills in law, offering services to lawyers and clients and leading legal administration.
    This includes researching cases, drafting documents and taking statements.

While a degree in law is well-suited for a legal career, an LLB does not limit you to careers in the field of law.

The knowledge and skills you develop are readily transferrable to a wide range of professions including:

  • business
  • journalism
  • teaching
  • politics
  • accounting
  • marketing
  • PR
  • banking