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The Bradford Law Experience

The Law profession is more competitive than ever today, and it's important for you to gain confidence and professionalism as well as the relevant qualifications during your time at university.

At the University of Bradford we provide you with a range of opportunities to put your legal skills into practice, and to improve your confidence in a courtroom setting. 

The Law Clinic

Law Clinic

Our Law Clinic (also known as Justice Bradford) offers students the opportunity to work with members of the public in collaboration with the Bradford and Airedale Citizen's Advice Bureau and Law Centre.

Students are trained to give advice to members of the public on any aspect of Law and work in pairs to meet and interview clients. Following this they will discuss the case with their team and decide whether the client is in need of legal advice. Under the guidance of the Clinic Director, students will then prepare advice for their client.

Our Law Clinic is truly innovative as we integrate with the Bradford Citizens Advice Bureau and Law Centre. We also seek to tailor the advice services we offer with the needs of the local community and advise specifically in areas where there is no other provision.

Our Law Clinic offers essential experience for those seeking to practise as a lawyer, allowing students to apply the law to facts in order to provide a legal solution for real problems. Students will also develop teamwork skills and become aware of the wider practicalities of legal practice such as client confidentiality, legal ethics and record keeping.

Employers, in both legal and non legal professions, often look beyond academic qualifications, they like to see that candidates have had practical experience in professional environments and are able to put the skills they have learned at university to use and our Law Clinic provides this opportunity.


My favourite part of the law clinic was being able to interact with people in the community and provide them with some form of legal help.

Shuheda Uddin

The Law Clinic gave me an opportunity to interact directly with people affected by the blunt end of the legal aid reforms.

Mohammad Haroon

Our Connections

University of Bradford Law student. We have connections with an array of top law organisations in Bradford and the surrounding area, and as a student you'll benefit from guest lecturers, networking, work experience opportunities, and mooting competitions.

We develop these partnerships to provide you with the best up-to-date education and to help boost your career opportunities.

Links with legal employers

We work with a variety of legal employers, from global law firms to local barristers' chambers, local government and in-house lawyers.

Connections with professional bodies

As an institution specialising in legal teaching and learning, we work closely with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board, allowing us to deliver comprehensive qualifying law degrees.

International partnerships

We hold a number of strategic partnerships with international institutions and offer students the ability to study abroad for a year or semester, developing different perspectives on legal processes around the world. 

Bradford Police Museum collaboration

Police Museum. The School of Law has established a unique collaboration with the city's Police Museum, bringing the old courtroom to life.

This partnership allows students to use the museum facilities to broaden their experience and develop their confidence.

The Museum hosts joint events and activities with the School, such as:

  • Mock crown court trials
    Students will act as advocates and volunteers as witnesses

  • Mooting competitions
    Students argue hypothetical cases to learn how to apply the law

  • Court room etiquette
    Students demonstrate legal etiquette during public tours

  • Career seminars
    Showcase different career paths and possibilities opened up by a Law degree

  • Museum tours
    A unique insight into the history and heritage of policing and criminal justice in Bradford

Mooting Competitions

Mooting competitors

Our students have the opportunity to get involved in a range of internal and external mooting competitions.

Mooting competitions simulate a courtroom setting. Students have to analyse problems, research the law, prepare written submissions and present their arguments.

The competition imitates the exact procedure followed in real courts and is a great chance for students to put their skills and knowledge into practice.

Acting as an advocate, students:

  • develop their public speaking and debating skills
  • engage with the latest legal issues
  • enhance their legal research and writing skills
  • work with and learn from their peers

Mooting complements our students' legal education and is a great way to learn the law first hand.

Bradford has had competitions against other institutions including the University of Huddersfield and City University London.

International Study Year


Students at Bradford are truly part of an international learning environment, with students and staff from more than 150 countries worldwide.

We encourage international exchange and there is the opportunity for our students to broaden their knowledge by studying abroad at one of our partner institutions.

You may combine your studies at Bradford with a year in Europe, Canada, Australia, North America or Hong Kong.

Find out more

Bradford Student Law Journal

The Bradford Student Law Journal is a student run, peer reviewed journal based at the University of Bradford Law School. The primary function of the journal is to promote student research, reflection and writing forming the core of the learning process in any field of law.

Law Society

Law Society logo

The well-established University of Bradford Law Society offers students lots of great opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities, developing transferrable skills and legal understanding that complements your studies.

Run by students for students, it's a great way to get to socialise with your peers and to expand your learning outside the classroom.

National competitions

The Law Society host and participate in mooting competitions, giving students a chance to practice their skills and to help them decide which sector of the legal industry they’re best suited to.

Aspiring Solicitors

Aspiring Solicitors, a series of lunchtime events hosted by the Society, aims to increase diversity in the legal profession and helps students with legal recruitment processes.


The Law Society holds regular social events, and hosts a popular annual Law Ball.