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Africa Study Visit

The Africa Study Visit is available to Masters and 3rd year Undergraduate students (see programme handbooks for details). The aim of the Study Visit is to allow students to broaden and deepen their understanding and practical experience of the complexities involved in peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction in Africa.

The Study Visit provides students with the opportunity to have first-hand experience of a war-torn and post-conflict environment in Africa. The choice of country is decided each year - bearing in mind safety and security priorities, as well as cost implications for the student.

The learning and teaching strategy has been developed specifically on the basis of the field research component of the country visit. Before departure, seminars and individual meetings are held to discuss research topics, suggested background readings, as well as individual planning requirements. The field research visit includes scheduled meetings with key stakeholders in government and the donor community, inter-governmental humanitarian and development agencies, as well as lectures and seminars with leading in-country experts and NGOs.

Past visits

2019 & 20, 22 & 23 – The Gambia
2018 – Ethiopia
2017 – Ghana
2015 – Ethiopia
2014 – Sierra Leone
2013 – Liberia
2012 – Rwanda