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PebblePad Mobile

Access PebblePad Mobile at:

PebblePad is the University's e-portfolio system. Not all students at the University will use PebblePad, but those that do will find out about it as part of their course. If you want to know about PebblePAD please see the main PebblePad support site at the University.

There is also a mobile friendly web version that will work on just about any mobile phone that has a web browser. So that you don't have to remember the link, we’ve incorporated it into the About UoB App.


The only potential cost of using the mobile web version of PebblePad is data charges from your mobile phone network. If you have a contract which includes a web browsing 'bundle', usage of PebblePad Mobile will be taken out of your bundle. However, if you don’t have an inclusive data contract it's worth checking with your mobile phone provider before using this so you don’t get unexpected bills.