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Frequently Asked Questions

My wireless card setup asks for an 'SSID' or 'Network ID' - what do I do?

If at all possible set your wireless LAN card to auto-connect to any wireless LAN it can see. If you have to specify an SSID, enter uobroamnet

Is any encryption used on RoamNet?

In common with the rest of the University network there is no encryption at the traffic level. However the authentication screens do use a secure web server.

It is recommended that any sensitive web transactions (eg using credit cards) are only carried out on sites which use secure web servers. If you connect using the wireless network make sure your Ethernet card is not expecting an encrypted network.

Can I print via RoamNet?

Yes, you can enable wireless printing from a laptop.

Can I access RoamNet outside the University?

No. You may find there are commercial broadband services that can offer you wireless and cabled services where you live. The University website can be viewed when you are connected to another ISP.

Am I protected from viruses when connected to RoamNet?

We cannot provide 100% protection against other users on RoamNet and elsewhere who might infect your machine. Therefore we require you to have up-to-date antivirus software and also to have all the latest security patches for your operating system installed.

Can I use RoamNet for lecturing and / or examinations?

Wired RoamNet provides a dedicated network link over a cable to each computer. The bandwidth available to each computer will be the same in every instance and therefore a reliable connection will be established.

Wireless RoamNet uses radio frequencies defined by the 802.11 standard. Any person anywhere can use these frequencies for whatever use they see fit. Hence there is a good chance of interference from other non-RoamNet wireless network devices, as well things like mobile phones using Bluetooth. As such reliable, consistent bandwidth is impossible to predict.

In addition, on all of RoamNet, as the computers connected are mostly not owned by the University there is great potential for inter-computer network interference, such as from viruses or other malicious software. Therefore we do not recommend RoamNet, wired or wireless, but especially wireless, to be used for teaching / lecturing and examinations.

I would like RoamNet to cover a new area. Who do I contact?

If you are a student please contact your student representatives. There are student representatives on the Computer Users Group. You may also like to make representations via your course rep, or the UBU Communications Secretary.

If you are a staff member please contact IT Servicedesk. A member of staff will get in touch to discuss the technical issues and costs.

How do I report a fault?

If you think there is a fault with RoamNet, please report it to IT Servicedesk.