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Note: information about tariffs when abroad is also available.


Description Cost per minute (peak)
Calls to Mobile same network 0p
Calls to Mobile same network Same Account 0p
Calls to Mobile other network 4.5p
Calls to national fixed lines (starting 01, 02, 03) 2p
Non Geographic Calls (0845) 2p
Freephone Calls (0800) 2p
Voicemail Calls 0p
Non Geographic Calls (0870) 4p
Non Geographic Calls (0871, 0874) 25p
Directory Enquires (Starting 118) 51p
Premium Rate (Starting 09) 89p
Mobile Originating Roamed Calls (Europe) 24.7p
Mobile Originating Roamed Calls (Rest of the World) 55.8p
Mobile Terminating Roamed Calls (Europe) 9.5p
Mobile Terminating Roamed Calls (Rest of the World) 29.9p
International Calls (Europe) from UK 13p
International Calls (Rest of the World) from UK 24.2p

SMS usage

Description Cost per text (peak)
SMS Messages (UK) Same Account 0p
SMS Messages (UK) Same Network 0p
SMS Message (UK) Cross Network 2.5p
Multimedia Message (UK) (Picture) 30.6p
SMS Messages (Europe) 9p
SMS Messages (Rest of the World) 20p