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Mobile Device Acceptance Form

Please read the points below and complete and submit the form.

  1. I acknowledge receipt of a University of Bradford mobile device and receipt of the Mobile Device Usage Policy document for mobile devices:
    Mobile Device Usage Policy (pdf, 216 KB)
    Mobile Device Usage Policy (docx, 125 KB)
  2. I agree to read the complete usage policy document before using the mobile device and to abide by the directives and guidelines contained within it. In the event that I do not agree with the policy document, having read it, I agree to return the mobile device immediately, unused.
  3. I agree to ensure that my line manager is aware of their responsibilities relating to this mobile device, as described in section 2.
  4. I agree to pay University of Bradford for any charges relating to personal usage of the mobile device. I understand that Vodafone provides University of Bradford with tools to highlight likely personal usage, and that University of Bradford has the right to claim back any charges for personal usage from me up to 12 months after the period of usage.
  5. I accept responsibility for any penalty imposed as a result of any use of this mobile device in contravention of relevant legislation or this usage policy. In particular, I understand that I will be personally liable for fines and driving license endorsements incurred by such contravention.
  6. I understand that in the event of loss of this mobile device I must inform IT Servicedesk immediately or, if that is not possible, I must inform Vodafone directly by calling 03333 044444. The mobile device will then be temporarily barred, and I understand that only IT Servicedesk can request for this bar to be lifted. I acknowledge that if I do not report the loss of the mobile device immediately then I may be personally liable for the cost of any calls made. I understand that I must set a PIN on my mobile phone to minimise calls in the event of loss.
  7. I understand that when this mobile device is upgraded (minimum of 24 months) or if I leave University of Bradford then I must return this mobile device and SIM card to IT Servicedesk for recycling.
  8. If I use mobile data I agree to contact IT Servicedesk before going abroad to arrange for a roaming data bundle.
  9. I accept responsibility for checking my quarterly bills to ensure that there are no excessive or erroneous charges.
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By submitting this form I agree to the above terms and conditions. The University of Bradford reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this usage policy, but if they do so I will be notified in writing via the email address provided.

Upon submitting this you are placing an order with Vodafone. Only submit when all necessary authorisation has been given.