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iPhone, iPod and iPad Instructions

  1. Select the Settings icon from the home screen and then choose the WiFi menu option.
  2. If WiFi is turned off, turn WiFi on.
  3. Select the network named eduroam.
  4. In the username field, enter your University username and then append with 
    Important: you must use your username, not your email address. For example, a student called J B Priestley would have the university username jbpriest, his email would be (or possibly if he registered with the University before 16 June 2014), but to login to eduroam he would need to use
  5. Enter your University password.
  6. Choose Join.
  7. When asked, accept the security certificate.

Your device should now be connected to the internet via eduroam. In future to connect you will only need to carry out steps 1 - 3, as your device should retain your credentials and the certificate for future use.