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VLE (Blackboard)

Scheduled maintenance.  Scheduled maintenance on 22 and 23 October

Service description

Blackboard is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that supports learning and teaching. It is accessed via the web and is available to all University of Bradford staff and students on and off campus.


Blackboard can support learning and teaching by:

  • delivering online learning materials.
  • providing opportunities for peer and staff support.
  • facilitating collaborative exercises using discussion boards, blogs and wikis.
  • assessing student performance using formative quizzes.

It can also be used administratively to:

  • make announcements.
  • email.
  • survey users.
  • monitor performance.

Service owner

Centre for Educational Development.


Available to all University of Bradford staff and students.

Service hours

24 hours throughout the year with the following exceptions:

  • Blackboard weekly at-risk period: every Friday morning between 01:00 to 05:00 am BST / GMT.
  • Scheduled update dates are also planned throughout the year.

Any performance issues are displayed on the IT Service Status page.

Level of service

Support and documentation

Support is provided by the learning technology team in the Centre for Educational Development, as well as Blackboard (the suppliers).

Self help documentation is available via the Blackboard Help tabs. These include a set of minimum expectations that all modules using the VLE are expected to meet / provide.

Request process

All Blackboard enrolments are controlled via SITS (the student record system) so if you're having difficulties accessing Blackboard, speak to your Faculty or Department's SITS administrator.

User responsibility

Users are expected to follow terms of use as laid out in Regulation 21.


This service is provided free of charge.