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Common Filestore (Novell Common Drive)

Service running.  Service running

Service description

The common filestore provides a secure way for users to share documents and data with other members of staff across the University. A default view common to your planning unit is generally presented, and referred to as your H drive, although cross planning unit sharing is possible.

Each folder can have its own access list to ensure only the right people have access.

The filestore is backed up daily, however it is possible for users to restore files if deleted accidentally by using the salvage function.


  • Access from IT Services managed computers via the H drive.
  • The salvage function enables the user to self-restore files.
  • Deleted files can be restored from the nightly backups for up to a month (files available from salvage may be available for longer).
  • Data is mirrored across data centres for resiliency.
  • Access is available from most modern desktop operating systems and mobile devices.
  • Remote access is available via a number of methods.
  • Ability to share work with University staff.

Service owner

IT Services.


All members of staff can access this service. All planning units, except for the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, which has a dedicated area.

Service hours

24 hours throughout the year with the following exceptions:

  • System maintenance normally takes place during the weekly improvement period. Scheduled improvement dates are also planned throughout the year. See all IT improvement dates.

Any performance issues are displayed on the IT Service Status page.

Level of service

Support and documentation

Documentation on the salvage process and remote access is available.

Additional support is available via IT Servicedesk.

Request process

Requests for access should be submitted with authorisation from an administrator of the given area.

If an area runs out of space from its quota, a message will be sent to prompt a house keeping exercise before expansion requests will be considered.

File store request forms.

User responsibility

Users are expected to follow terms of use as laid out in Regulation 21.

The Common Filestore is provided to host work related data only. On occasion reports maybe run to identify potential non-work files. If you are found to be the owner of such files you may be contacted by IT Services.


No charge is made for the support and maintenance of this service. Out of the ordinary requests for increased storage may be chargeable although may not be suitable to implement as part of this service.