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Staff Telephony

Service running.  Service running

Service description

The Staff Telephony Service provides the vast majority of Staff with their own University of Bradford extension number. Extension numbers are also available for communal rooms / areas, e.g. Labs, GTA, PC cluster rooms etc and for other telephony functions e.g. fax machines, streamline machines etc.


  • Provision of a University extension number and handset.
  • Switchboard service.
  • Extension management and configuration.
    • Initiating extensions and allocating class of service and extension updates e.g. moves / changes and exchanges.
    • Programming and configuration of digital extensions.
    • Configuration of other University telephony functions including - abbreviated dialling (short codes), individual diverts, call profiles, group pick-ups and hunt groups.
  • Directory management.
    • Reflecting additions, moves and changes to the University corporate structure.
  • Corporate mobility administration and support.
  • Call logging administration and support.
    • Quarterly reports for Schools, Directorates and Finance.
    • Ad-hoc reports for individual staff / departments.
    • Call volume reports for clearing.

Service owner

IT Services.


Available to all staff.

Service hours

24 hours throughout the year with the following exceptions:

  • System maintenance normally takes place during the weekly improvement period. Scheduled improvement dates are also planned throughout the year. See all IT improvement dates.
  • Access to some features is restricted to Switchboard and / or IT Servicedesk opening hours (07:30 – 17:30) Monday to Friday.

Any performance issues are displayed on the IT Service Status page.

Level of service

Each extension on the University telephone system has a class of service. The class of service determines the category of calls a user may make and receive, and are as follows – some classes of service require authorisation.

ClassCategory ofCall times
1 Incoming, Internal All times
2 Incoming, Internal, Local 08:30 – 17:30 (17:00 out of term time)
3 Incoming, Internal, Local, National 08:30 – 17:30 (17:00 out of term time)
4 Incoming, Internal, Local, National, International 08:30 – 17:30 (17:00 out of term time)
5 Incoming, Internal, Local, National All times
6 Incoming, Internal, Local, National, International All times
11 Internal only All times

Switchboard service available 08:30 – 17:30 (17:00 out of term time) Monday to Friday.

The following services are available during IT Servicedesk opening hours only (07:30 – 17:30) Monday to Friday:

  • Extension management and configuration.
  • Directory management.
  • Corporate mobility admin and support.
  • Call logging admin and support.

Support and documentation

Further information is available on the web and support is available from IT Servicedesk.

Request process

Provision of any of the services / features listed above is available by contacting IT Servicedesk.

Device support request forms.

User responsibility

Users are expected to follow terms of use as laid out in Regulation 21.


  • Activation of new extension from £30.00.
  • Move of existing extension from £30.00.
  • Analogue handset from £25.00.
  • Digital handset from £80.00.
  • PABX Master Adaptor £2.50.
  • New voice socket – please request a quote from IT Servicedesk.

Please note: outgoing call costs for all extensions are re-charged to Faculties / Departments on a quarterly basis.