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Email for Staff

Service running.  Service running

Service description

The staff email service provides all staff with a personal email account with a University address.


  • Provision of a University email address and mailbox (staff mailboxes are stored at the University).
  • On site and remote access (Outlook desktop email client, Outlook on the web, mobile device client).
  • Ability to share mailbox items and collaborate with others.
  • All mail to / from the University network is routed through the managed mail systems where controls for malware, phishing and spam are applied.

Service owner

IT Services.


Available to all staff and some University associates.

Service hours

24 hours throughout the year with the following exceptions:

  • System maintenance as defined by Microsoft.

Any performance issues are displayed on the IT Service Status page.

Level of service

Messaging system (incoming and outgoing mail and message store):

  • 99.9% performance target.

IT Services managed Outlook desktop client and Outlook on the web:

Machines running the IT Services provided desktop image have access to a preconfigured Outlook desktop client.
Other mail clients may work but support for them is limited.

Support and documentation

Documentation is available.

Support is available from IT Servicedesk.

Request process

Staff are automatically provided with a University mailbox when they activate their University IT account. The email address is constructed based on name information in the official HR record.

To request a change in the allocated email address, contact IT Servicedesk in the first case. In general, changes will only be made based on HR record data, however IT Servicedesk can advise on this matter.

Email request forms.

Staff email addresses are searchable:

  • In the Address List within Outlook client.
  • In the University’s contacts directory.

User responsibility

Users are expected to follow terms of use as laid out in Regulation 21.

Users should actively housekeep their mailbox.


This service is provided free of charge.