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University Password

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Advice about what password to choose

  • It must be at least 8 characters (up to 16 characters permitted) and must contain a number, lowercase and uppercase letter within the first 8 characters.
  • Make it easy to remember so you don’t need to write it down, but something that you can type in quickly.
  • Do not use your username in any form, eg 'jrbloggs' cannot have the password 'jrbloggs', 'jrBLoggs', or 'jrBloggsisAce'.
  • Do not use your name in any form, or any other easily obtained information (eg your address etc).
  • Do not use spaces or non-English characters.
  • Do not use a word from a dictionary or any other kind of list, or the name of a famous person.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Examples:
    • Choose a line from a song. Use the first letter of each word and include a number, eg 'No woman, no cry' by Bob Marley becomes Nwncb1B.
    • Alternate between a consonant, one or two vowels and a number. This produces words that are often pronounceable and easily remembered, eg Rout2Boo.
    • Choose two short words and join them with number, eg Dog94paw, or cuP12mug.

See more information on usernames and passwords. If you need further help, please contact IT Servicedesk.