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Accessing your Email while on Placement

If you are going on a work or study placement, please check the placement provider’s policy regarding your access to your University email account. Some providers block access to external web sites, which means you might be unable to access your University emails.

An example is the NHS. Many NHS trusts have policies on this issue, due to the fact that some email attachments contain viruses, which can affect the PCs on which they are downloaded. The consequences of this can be costly and time consuming to the trust, and so in order to protect the IT systems within the Service, connection to external email supplied by large organisations such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo can be blocked.

What can you do?

  1. Forward your email to your placement email account if you are provided with one. (All emails forwarded to NHS email accounts go through the NHS’s approved antivirus checker).
  2. Connect to your email using your own laptop or other mobile device, using your own network connection. (Some NHS trusts now provide free WiFi services usually in public areas, which will enable you to access emails on your own devices).
  3. Consider changing your working practice, so that you check your University emails outside of your placement hours, eg, either at home or while you are on campus.