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Using Alternative Unsupported Email Clients to Access Office 365

The email clients supported by the University for accessing your Office 365 account are:

  • Students: Outlook on the web.
  • Staff: Outlook on the web, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2011.

It is not recommended that you use any other email client on your own computer or at work (staff) to access your University Office 365 account. Be aware that using an alternative email program may make your computer more vulnerable to attack from programs arriving via email attachments. However if you choose to use one, ensure that:

  • Where applicable you have Antivirus software installed and any necessary patches.
  • You have read the University's Regulations on the use of computing facilities, in particular, that network facilities must be used for academic and administrative purposes only.
  • Your chosen client is capable of connecting to either an Exchange or an IMAP email server.

When installing or setting up an email program you will need to provide particular details. The critical details are: 

  • Username and email address – this is not your normal username, or email address. In this field enter the following format: (eg
    Note: If you are a student who registered with the University before 16 June 2014 your username may be in the format:
  • Real name or name - this is your actual real name. It will appear in the From: line of email messages you send. It is important that you set this to something sensible, otherwise anti-spam software may prevent your emails from being delivered.

For Exchange 

  • Server:


  • Incoming mail server hostname:
    • Port: 993
    • Encryption method: SSL
  • Outgoing email server hostname or SMTP server:
    • Port: 587
    • Encryption method: TLS