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Arriving in the UK

Once you have received your visa, you may wish to begin planning your journey to the UK. We realise there is a lot to consider, particularly at the moment. Please see our New Students page for a lot of helpful information about your first steps as a new student at the University of Bradford. 

We have also included some answers to questions particular to international students below. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, please feel free to contact with any visa or immigration questions or with any questions about your arrival and living in the UK.

Please also join our International Students Facebook Group for up-to-date information about events going on in the university and opportunities to meet other international students. Most of the international student events are currently virtual, but when possible in-person events are taking place.

Information specifically for current students can be found on our Sharepoint site

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important to check all the guidance regarding travel to the UK from your home country before you arrange your travel. 

Currently students travelling from all countries will need to:

  • book a pre-depature test with negative result no more than 48 hours before departure
  • fill in a passenger locator form 48 hours before you travel
  • book a PCR Covid-19 test before you travel
  • quarantine in your accommodation until you receive a negative result from the PCR test

If you are fully vacinated with an approved vaccine and from the approved list of countries and territores you do not need to quarantine after the negative PCR test result. If you do not qualify as fully vaccinated you will need to quarantine in your accommodation for 10 full days, taking your pre-booked PCR tests on day 2 and day 8.

If your country is on the 'red list', you will have to follow additional travel guidance - please check the UK government website for the latest travel information, as some countries were added to this list as of 6 December 2021.

All prospective international students are also reminded to review advice from their government about travel restrictions. 

We expect all students to travel to the UK where possible as we are making sure that we offer an on-campus experience with in-person teaching.

If you have been in a red list country 10 days before you arrive in England you must:


When you arrive in England you must quarantine in a managed hotel for 10 full days, and take 2 COVID-19 tests. Please note that you can only arrive at designated airports which have managed quarantine facilities. You must do this even if you are fully vaccinated.

There are hardship arrangements for those who cannot pay the quarantine and associated costs prior to travel. You can apply for this through the government website and the decision will be made by the Department of Health and Social Care, not the University.

After you have quarantined for 10 full days and you’ve received a negative result from your day 8 test you’ll be transported to the airport you were collected from, where you can make your onward travel plans to Bradford.

You are permitted and expected to travel to the UK to commence your studies once you receive your Student visa.

If you have just arrived, you may need to quarantine for 10 days - please check the government guidance. Once in quarantine you should only leave to get food essentials or medical attention. You can organise for food to be delivered through websites such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat; or from supermarkets such as Morrisons, Asda or Tesco which deliver groceries.

If you can't leave quarantine, are self-isolating because you don't feel well, or haven't been able to arrange for British currency or a British bank account, you can contact the University for support with food by emailing

We can enrol you once you have received your visa and completed your online pre-enrolment. Please email your visa to and we can then complete your enrolment, giving you full access to online resources so you can begin your course. You must send evidence of your visa by the latest start date for your course.

If you have already arrived in the UK, we will need a copy of your stamped travel visa and the letter you received from the Home Office outlining the details of your visa for our records. If you are in the UK and require your BRP, please email so we can make relevant arrangements.

Please see the New Students page for information on how to access your timetable and choose your modules once you have enrolled.

We will invite you to see our team in-person for ID and document checks once you are in the UK and it is safe to do so. 

If you need to register with police, it should say this on your visa or in the letter that comes with your visa. This requirement is country-specific, and you can find the list of countries required to register here

You should complete the online registation with police within 7 days, and then follow instructions for making an in-person appointment. The in-person appointments may be suspended during national lockdown. If you are quarantining, you do not physically have to register within 7 days, but should still do the online registration. If you haven't collected your BRP because you are quarantining, you can use the information from your entry vignette and update this later. 

Once you have an appointment for in-person registration you will need:

- your BRP

- proof of address

- your CAS statement (an online copy is fine)

- your passport

- £34 payable via debit or credit card only

When you receive your certificate you must keep it updated with changes in visa conditions, UK address, or marital status. If you have any questions about this, please email

When you receive your travel visa, you will also receive a letter with further details about your BRP. This letter states that you will need to collect your BRP with 10 days of arriving in the UK. 

Please be aware that this is the standard Home Office letter and has not been updated to take into account the new quarantine rules. At the moment you DO NOT have to collect your BRP within the standard 10 days. Please do not break your quarantine by coming onto campus to collect your BRP. 

If your BRP is being delivered to the university, we will schedule an appointment for you to collect your BRP following your quarantine period. If you are due to collect your BRP from the Post Office, please wait until after your quarantine is over to collect it. You will need to bring yuor collected BRP to your enrolment appointment.

The attendance requirements for your visa remain the same. You are still expected to engage with your studies, whether they are online or in person. If you are unsure about how your attendance is being monitored, you will need to check with your personal tutor or programme leader.

The university will be offering a blended approach to learning, which will allow a combination of online and face-to-face delivered teaching. Teaching methods will change to follow the current government restrictions, but when possible in-person events are being held. This means that international students are expected to be on campus for some of their classes and will need access to on-campus resources. We highly recommend that you live an easily commutable distance from campus. 

Once you arrive in the UK you may find it useful to open a UK bank account. To do this you will normally require:


- your BRP

- your passport

- a letter of introduction to the bank (which you can request from - you must know which bank you wish to open an account with first)

- proof of address such as a lease agreement


If you want to get started on the process whilst you are quarantining, you might want to start your application online, or consider opening an account with an online bank. There are several 'online only' banks that will require less evidence for you to open an account. 

When you consider which bank to open an account with, ask what fees they charge (if any), how quickly you can open your account and how quickly you will receive your bank card. 

If you are here on a Student Visa you will have paid the Immigration Health Surcharge, which gives you access to NHS services. We would recommend that you register with Bradford Student Health Centre in order to have access to a doctor when you require medical advice. The link to register is here

You may also choose to register with a GP who is closer to your accommodation, if there is one more convenient to you. You do not need a NHS number to register. For some NHS services, you may be asked to show your BRP card to demonstrate your right to NHS care.

If you wish to travel outside the UK during vacation periods it is very important that you check the travel guidance of your destination country and the UK travel guidance on returning from that country (see the earlier section on travel guidance and restrictions).

Where can I get more information?

There are a number of organisations that provide help and advice for international students. 


UK Universities