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Get prepared

Prepare for your move to Bradford

You will probably feel excited and a little nervous in the weeks before your big move to Bradford.

The advice and information on this page should help you enjoy a smooth transition to the UK.

Pre-arrival Information

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact our team.

Things to organise before you leave home

  • Your offer.
  • Your passport. To enter the UK, you must have a valid international passport or travel document which establishes your identity and nationality.
  • Your visa.
  • Your finances. You will need to pay your fees, and ensure you will have enough money to cover your living costs.
  • Your accommodation.
  • Online pre-enrolment.
  • Your luggage.
  • Your journey to Bradford.

Pre-arrival webinars

Our International Student Adviser and the Visa Support Team run a series of Pre-Arrival Webinars in the months before enrolment, to help new international students prepare for their move.

Book your place on a webinar

Student using a laptop

Online pre-enrolment

Online pre-enrolment is completed in e:Vision, the University's online student portal.

A few weeks before you start your course, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to set up your IT account and access e:Vision.

If you don't receive this email, please contact IT Servicedesk on +44 1274 23 33 33.

When you have completed the online process in e:Vision you will receive a confirmation email.

Bring this email with you to Enrolment - you can print a copy of it or display it on an electronic device (smartphone, tablet, netbook).

Your luggage - what should you pack?

We suggest you bring the following items with you in your main luggage.

Don't worry if you forget anything - there are plenty of shops within a few minutes walk of the University.

  • clothes for summer
  • sunglasses
  • clothes that you can layer, such as t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts
  • a warm winter coat
  • hat, scarf and gloves
  • an umbrella
  • your country's national dress, if you have it
  • sports equipment and clothing
  • photos and a few mementos from home
  • a bilingual dictionary, if English is not your first language


You should pack the following documents in your hand luggage, as you will need them when entering the UK:

  • passport with visa 
  • the letter that you receive at the same time as your visa from UK Visas and Immigration 
  • CAS statement and unconditional offer letter
  • your examination certificates as stated in your CAS statement
  • TB health certificate and chest X-rays , if required for your visa
  • details of vaccinations you have received
  • medical records of any pre-existing conditions (with English translation)
  • medication you are currently taking (with a letter from your doctor, confirming which medication you are carrying)
  • your accommodation contract
  • evidence of your finances for your tuition fees and living costs (for example: the bank statements you used for your visa application, or your official sponsorship letter)

Your journey to Bradford

We suggest you book an air ticket to Leeds/Bradford Airport if possible. This is the closest airport to the University and will be the most convenient for you.

There are regular connecting flights from London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris airports.

If this is not possible, you can also choose to fly to Manchester Airport, but please bear in mind that this is further away from Bradford.

A group of students stood outside of Leeds Bradford airport

Airport pick-up

The University runs an airport pick-up service from Leeds/Bradford Airport and Manchester Airport at certain times of the year.

This service must be booked in advance - register now.

We will offer this service:

  • For students arriving in September this service is available from the 1 September 2022 
  • For students arriving in January, the service will be available from early January onwards.

For more information on this service,  or if you are only able to arrive after these dates, please email