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Get prepared

Prepare for your move to Bradford

You will probably feel excited and a little nervous in the weeks before your big move to Bradford.

The advice and information on this page should help you enjoy a smooth transition to the UK.

Pre-arrival Information

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact our team. You can also read our Website Accessibility Statement.

Things to organise before you leave home

  • Your offer.
  • Your passport. To enter the UK, you must have a valid international passport or travel document which establishes your identity and nationality.
  • Your visa.
  • Your finances. You will need to pay your fees, and ensure you will have enough money to cover your living costs.
  • Your accommodation.
  • Arrange childcare for any dependants.
  • Online pre-enrolment.
  • Your luggage.
  • Your journey to Bradford.

Pre-arrival webinars

Our International Student Adviser and the Visa Support Team run a series of Pre-Arrival Webinars in the months before enrolment, to help new international students prepare for their move.

Book your place on a webinar

Student using a laptop

Online pre-enrolment

Online pre-enrolment is completed in e:Vision, the University's online student portal.

A few weeks before you start your course, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to set up your IT account and access e:Vision.

If you don't receive this email, please contact IT Servicedesk on +44 1274 23 33 33.

When you have completed the online process in e:Vision you will receive a confirmation email.

Bring this email with you to Enrolment - you can print a copy of it or display it on an electronic device (smartphone, tablet, netbook).

Your luggage - what should you pack?

We suggest you bring the following items with you in your main luggage.

Don't worry if you forget anything - there are plenty of shops within a few minutes walk of the University.

  • clothes for summer
  • sunglasses
  • clothes that you can layer, such as t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts
  • a warm winter coat
  • hat, scarf and gloves
  • an umbrella
  • your country's national dress, if you have it
  • sports equipment and clothing
  • photos and a few mementos from home
  • a bilingual dictionary, if English is not your first language


You should pack the following documents in your hand luggage, as you will need them when entering the UK:

  • passport with visa 
  • the letter that you receive at the same time as your visa from UK Visas and Immigration 
  • CAS statement and unconditional offer letter
  • your examination certificates as stated in your CAS statement
  • TB health certificate and chest X-rays , if required for your visa
  • details of vaccinations you have received
  • medical records of any pre-existing conditions (with English translation)
  • medication you are currently taking (with a letter from your doctor, confirming which medication you are carrying)
  • your accommodation contract
  • evidence of your finances for your tuition fees and living costs (for example: the bank statements you used for your visa application, or your official sponsorship letter)

Your journey to Bradford

We suggest you book an air ticket to Leeds/Bradford Airport if possible. This is the closest airport to the University and will be the most convenient for you.

There are regular connecting flights from London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris airports.

If this is not possible, you can also choose to fly to Manchester Airport, but please bear in mind that this is further away from Bradford.

A group of students stood outside of Leeds Bradford airport

Airport pick-up

The University runs an airport pick-up service from Leeds/Bradford Airport and Manchester Airport in September and January each year.

This service only runs at certain times of the year, the dates will be decided and communicated closer to September or January.

For January 2023 intake students the service runs from 14 January until 17 February 2023

This service must be booked in advance - register for Airport pick-up.

For more information on this service, please see the eligibility and FAQ sections below, or email

Airport pick-up eligibility requirements

  • This service is intended for new students only (starting either undergraduate or postgraduate courses); current students should not request airport pick-up by the University.
  • We only pick up students who arrive at either Leeds Bradford Airport or Manchester Airport.
  • Bookings must be made at least 72 hours (over 3 full working days) prior to your arrival in the UK.
  • This service only runs at certain times of the year, for January 2023 intake students the service runs from 14 January until 17 February 2023
  • We can only bring students to the City of Bradford, we do not offer drop-offs outside of Bradford.
  • The maximum luggage capacity is 2 bags/suitcases per person.

How do I book my airport pick-up?

Book your airport pick-up via the register for Airport pick-up form.

Can I request airport pick-up from London Heathrow Airport or Gatwick Airport?

No, we only offer airport pick-up from Leeds Bradford Airport or Manchester Airport. If you’re arriving at a different airport, then you will have to find a train or bus connection to get to Bradford. If you are using trains or coaches, you may find these more affordable if you book in advance. You can check these sites:

Mega Bus

National Express


How can I get to Bradford if there is a train strike planned when I arrive in the UK?

If trains are cancelled due to strike action, you will find bus/coach connections that can take you to Bradford. However, these might be busier than usual, so please take into account that waiting times may be longer than usual. For advice and current information on train strikes, please see the National Rail Enquiries site.

If I am coming to the UK during Border Force strike action, will it affect my entry at the airport?

You may experience longer waiting times during the immigration controls at the airport. Please keep monitoring any travel announcements (that refer to your flight) made by the operators of the airline that you will use. For advice and current information with dates and impact please see the UK Government site.

Can I request a pick-up from a train station in Leeds/Manchester?

We can only pick up students directly from the airport after their flight arrives, we cannot organise pick-up from other locations in Leeds or Manchester.

Can I request a pick-up from Bradford Interchange?

Yes; if your address is in Bradford, we can support you with a pick-up from Bradford Forster Square Railway Station, or Bradford Interchange (rail, bus and coach station). You can request this option by emailing with the following information:

  • The time your train/bus arrives
  • Your full name
  • Your UB number
  • Your full phone number (including country code e.g. +44 for UK)
  • Your email address
  • The number of guests with you, if applicable
  • The amount of luggage you have
  • Your accommodation address

How long in advance do I have to book my pick-up?

We ask for at least 72 hours notice, but even earlier is better if possible. Please note that the airport pick-up email address is not 24/7 and will only be monitored between 09:00 and 17:00 UK time, Monday to Friday.

If I am in year 2 or 3 of my studies, can I still use this service?

No, this service is only available to new students.

Is this service free of charge?

Yes it is free of charge. However, we may have to charge students if they significantly exceed our luggage limit (2 suitcases/bags per person). Please keep in mind that you can be allocated to a group pick-up with other students who arrive at the same time, and we have to ensure that all passengers can fit in. If a situation occurs in which we have to book a separate taxi at the airport due to someone's luggage excess, then that person will be charged with the costs, which can exceed £95.

Our free pick-up includes drop-off to the university campus. If your accommodation is in the surrounding areas and you wish to use the same taxi to get there you will be requested to cover the difference, so please have cash prepared in that case.

Are there passenger limits?

There is no passenger limit, however, it is restricted to family members/dependents. If you are accompanied by friends, we cannot offer to pick them up with you.

Can I use this service if my accommodation address is outside of Bradford?

Yes you still can use our service to get to Bradford. You will be dropped off on campus then you will have to make further travel arrangements to your accommodation from there.

I have submitted the form but have received no response/acknowledgement, what should I do?

If you submitted your booking form at least 72 hours (over 3 working days) prior to your arrival date and you are meeting our other requirements (listed above), then please rest assured that there will be a student ambassador waiting for you at the airport on the date and time you provided in the booking form. During peak times the acknowledgement emails may be delayed due to a high number of requests.

For example, if you applied for a pick-up two weeks in advance, you may not hear back from us until shortly before your arrival. We send out the pick-up details 2 days prior to the arrival date, including information on how to contact a student ambassador who will meet you at the airport and support you through the arrival process. If you do not receive any email by then, please email us with a follow-up.

How long will the assigned student ambassador wait for me at the airport?

If the ambassador does not hear from you for 2 hours after your plane’s landing time, they will leave the airport. For this reason, it is crucial to connect to Wi-Fi at the airport as soon as you can to communicate with the ambassador via WhatsApp, or email if you do not have a British phone number.

How will I recognise the student ambassador who is supposed to pick me up at the airport?

2 days before your arrival date you will receive an email from us with a photograph of your assigned student ambassador and their contact details. Our student ambassadors wear yellow ‘University of Bradford’ jumpers and wait at certain meeting points that will be included in the email.

Will you reschedule my pick-up if I miss my flight or my flight gets cancelled/rescheduled?

You must communicate to us and your assigned ambassador of any flight changes or cancellations immediately. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reschedule your pick-up if we receive too short notice.