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Current Students

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We are delighted to welcome you to our diverse community at the University of Bradford.

We hope that you can find the information that you need on these web pages. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Bringing your car

If you are thinking about bringing your car with you, please check in advance with your accommodation provider whether there will be any car parking possibilities. 

Not all Halls of Residence have car parking availability for residents and it is extremely important for you to find out before you arrive what the situation is and the costs that will be involved. Car parking permits for the University campus itself are also limited and not issued to students living within a two mile radius of the campus.

Also please don't forget that in the UK we drive on the left. 

Useful links:

Faith information

Religious tolerance and respect is important at the University.

The student population at Bradford is drawn from a diverse array of cultures and religious beliefs, and Bradford itself benefits from a strong multicultural mix. You will find places of worship for most faiths and religions around the city - many quite close to the campus.

The University has appointed Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, and Lutheran Chaplains, and Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu Advisers to act as spiritual advisers and counsellors. There is also a Prayer Room and Quiet Room available for prayer within the University.

Whatever your faith, MyBradford - Student Support can put you in touch with a religious group in the city or see our Student Services page for further information .

Health - Emergency and Non-Emergency contacts

Emergency contacts

Off campus - dial 999

In case of emergency off campus: Dial 999 for Fire, Police or Ambulance services.

The call will go to a telephone operator, who will ask you if you require Fire, Police or Ambulance. They will also ask your name, and the address you need the emergency vehicles to come to.

On campus - dial 01274 234499 or extension 4499

In case of emergency on campus from any internal phone for our security service. You can ring this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks of the year. The security officer on duty will then call the emergency services, and guide them as to which entrance to the campus is best to take, which building to go to, etc.

Non-emergency contacts

Bradford Student Health Service

See the Bradford Student Health Service website for contact details.

NHS 111

If you are not certain whether you should see a doctor, or are unable to get through to the Bradford Student Health Service, you can ring this free NHS (National Health Service) number 111. See the NHS website (external link) for further information.


The UK has NHS, and private dental care services. Please visit the NHS website (external link) to find out about the local dentists in the area or call NHS free phone number on 111.

Healthy students

Please also see our advice on how to be a healthy student.

Working during your studies

Please note that work in the UK cannot be guaranteed, and the wages can be quite low. It is extremely important that you do not rely upon getting a job here to finance your studies and living costs.  Please make sure that you have all your finances arranged before coming to start your course.

EU students

EU students can work part time during their degree, however we would strongly recommend that you do no more than 15 hours temporary work per week, as it is highly likely to interfere with your studies if you do more than that.

See the EU, EEA and Commonwealth information to check whether any restrictions apply to you.

International students

Some international students can work part time alongside their studies, according to what type of visa they have:  

  • If you have a Tier 4 student visa and are on a full time degree level course, you will usually be permitted to work for 20 hours per week during term time and full time in vacation periods. 
  • If you have a Tier 4 student visa, and are on a course below degree level, you can only work for 10 hours per week during term time and full time in vacation periods. 
  • International students on any type of Visitor Visa are NOT permitted to work in the UK.  

The definition of ‘term time’ for visa purposes, will also vary according to what course you are doing.

  • Undergraduate students have a vacation period at Christmas, Easter and in the summer.
  • Postgraduate students have a vacation period at Christmas and Easter, but not the summer, as this is when you will usually be writing your dissertation. 
  • PhD students will have a vacation period at Christmas and with the permission of their supervisor.

The type of work Tier 4 students are permitted to do, is also regulated. Tier 4 students are NOT allowed to do any of the following: 


  • be employed as a professional sportsperson (including a sports coach); 
  • be employed as an entertainer; 
  • be self-employed or engage in business activity*; 
  • fill a full-time, permanent vacancy (except on a recognised foundation programme or as a students’ union sabbatical officer) or
  • be employed as a doctor in training (except on a recognised foundation programme)


*Self-employment and engaging in business activity

You cannot be self-employed or engage in business activity. You will be considered to be engaging in business activity, where you are working for a business in a capacity other than an employee, in which you have a financial or other significant beneficial interest.

This would include the following:

  • setting up a business as a sole trader or under a partnership arrangement and that business is either trading or establishing a trading presence; 
  • being employed by a company in which you hold shares of 10% or more (including where the shares are held in a trust for you); or 
  • working for a company where you also hold a statutory role, such as a director.
  • This is not an exhaustive list but provides examples of the types of circumstance in which you will be considered to be engaged in business activity

Useful links

Social activities

Join in!

Make the most of coming to study in another country!  It is important to get a good balance between your study and social life – and you will find that you will study much better if you allow yourself a chance to relax, and enjoy some social and leisure time.

We have many sports clubs and societies that you can join.  If you fancy trying something completely new, or want to keep up with an existing hobby or sport, we hope you will find a club or society that you can join. 

Volunteering is a great opportunity for meeting new people, looks good on your CV and gives you the chance to help others at the same time.  We have numerous opportunities available, and you can find out more from our Volunteering Bureau, which can also be accessed via Student Central Reception.

Explore Britain with us

We organise regular trips for international and EU students and their families. These trips take place at least once a month, all through the year. We visit historic cities, famous cities, castles, stately homes, the coast, and the countryside to show you some of the great sights in the UK!

Some of our destinations have included Cambridge, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Wales, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, York and the Lake District. 

You will receive regular updates about the trips to your university email address and the trips will also be advertised by the Student Union.

The trips are great fun, and a brilliant way of seeing places that are not easily reached by public transport - and they are also a great opportunity to meet new friends. Make sure you book early to be sure of your seat, as the trips are very popular and often tickets sell out very quickly!

Preparing to return home

Returning home checklist

When you come near to the end of your studies, whether it has been for one semester or several years, there are many things to consider as you prepare to return home.

To help you stay organised, we have prepared a checklist of things you need to do before you say your farewell to the University.

Career and Employability Services

Whether you know exactly what you want to do now you’ve graduated, or whether you’re feeling a bit confused, Career and Employability Services can help. You can also email them at

Reverse culture shock

Many students are surprised to know that they may experience ‘reverse culture shock’ when they get back home. It can be totally unexpected and it may take a while to readjust to life in your own country. Have a look at the guidance on reverse culture shock on the UKCISA website.

Keep in touch!

We hope you have enjoyed your time at the University of Bradford. Why not join our Alumni Association. We will keep you up-to-date with the University’s news through our e-newsletters. We will always be interested to hear your news and can advertise reunions for you on our website as well as help you make contact with University of Bradford graduate.

Too much luggage?

Most students end their time in Bradford having accumulated much more than when they arrived. You will need to allow time to sort out exactly what and how much you need to take home with you.

If you have clothes, saucepans and kitchen equipment, or bedding that you no longer need, there are several places you can donate these items where they will be put to good use:

  • Room 101, Richmond Building – you can donate good clean items here, and new students and students in hardship situations will be able to use them.
  • There are several charity shops in Bradford that will be able to take good clean goods and sell them in their shops. Go up the hill on Darley Street in Bradford, cross straight over the little side road and carry on up the hill. There are two charity shops on the left, Barnados (charity for children) and Scope (charity for cerebral palsy) and Oxfam on the right.

We will be happy to take donations of unopened dried, canned or packet foods with expiry dates of at least 6 months and unused and unopened toiletry items. These goods will be used for students in need. Please take items to MyBradford - Student Support, or to Room 101, Richmond Building

Freight forwarding companies

There are many freight forwarding companies that will send your luggage home for you. Two companies whose leaflets you will see around campus are:

Please consider the following:

  • Get more than one quote
  • Get the quotation in writing
  • Get a quote for sending the freight by sea, and also by air (and road if applicable)
  • Get a quote for sending the freight 'door to door' and also 'door to the nearest port or airport'
  • Do the company provide packing materials?
  • Remember that if the company says it provides free packing materials, the cost is likely to be built in to the overall charge.
  • Can you insure your goods for loss?
  • How do you pay the company?
  • Will the company accept suitcases?
  • Is there a maximum weight per package?
  • The packing of the items is your responsibility. Your luggage is going on a very long journey and will need to be very securely and carefully packed!

Withdrawal from your course

If you decide that you do not want to complete your course with us, it is important that you write a letter or email to your department, as well as MyBradford - Student Support.

Tuition fees will be adjusted based on the date you inform us of your withdrawal and there may be an administrative charge. For further details, please contact MyBradford - Student Support (Email:, Tel: +44 1274 235050).     

If you withdraw from your studies, the University has an obligation to inform the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and you must leave the UK. It is a criminal offence to remain in the UK if you have withdrawn from your studies.

Check with the  Visa Support Team (Email: or the International Student Adviser at MyBradford - Student Support for further information, and to be certain that you do not breach any of the strict Tier 4 student visa immigration regulations.

Do you have a query?

For Visa queries

Contact our Visa Support Team based in MyBradford - Student Support. To make an appointment: please call +44 (0) 1274 236900 or e-mail: The Visa Team are also available daily, Monday to Friday, between 11am and 12pm for Drop in sessions at MyBradford - Student Support.

For General queries

MyBradford - Student Support, our Student Support Centre located in the Richmond Building, is here for all students to provide help and assistance with life at the University.

Talk to our International Student Adviser

Our award-winning International Student Adviser, Sue Baker, is available Monday to Friday at MyBradford - Student Support, from 1pm to 2pm.  Alternatively, to make an appointment please call +44 (0)1274 233080 or email