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FPR1 Antagonists for Glioma

Progression of many solid cancers is associated with the development of necrotic areas. In glioma and other cancers, necrotic cells release peptides that activate the formylpeptide receptor-1 (FPR-1), which is highly expressed on the surface of tumour cells, but not in healthy cells.

Activation of FPR-1 is upstream of many drivers of cancer expansion, therefore a FPR-1 antagonist can affect multiple aspects of the disease progression, without causing toxicity. ICT12035 is a non-toxic small molecule FPR-1 antagonist which abrogates progression of glioma tumours in vitro and in vivo (sub-cutaneous model).

The IP position

A patent application for the use of ICT12035 in glioma has been prepared and is being filed.

The opportunity

To expand the potential value of the IP, supporting FPR-1 antagonism as a key therapeutic target in cancer.

For more information please contact Dr. Kamyar Afarankia

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