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CCR7 Antagonists

Migration of cancer cells to the lymph nodes is a prelude to metastasis. We have shown that this process is initiated when tumour cells gain the expression of chemotactic receptor CCR7 enabling them to migrate towards the lymph nodes, guided by CCR7’s ligand CCL21.

We have discovered a series of novel small molecule CCR7 antagonists, which prevent migration and invasion of head & neck tumour cells in a number of in vitro models.

The IP position

ICT13069, and other member of this series, are the only known small molecule CCR7 antagonists.  A patent application is currently being prepared.

The opportunity

To expand the potential value of the IP, supporting CCR7 antagonism as a key anti-metastatic target in cancer.

For more information please contact Dr. Kamyar Afarankia

CCR7 diagram