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The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) at Bradford

HEAR stands for Higher Education Achievement Report and that's exactly what it is – a report of all your achievements that you build up and add to during your time at Bradford, from your grades to your extra-curricular activities. It is a new kind of transcript that is comprehensive and online, helping you show employers the full story of your studies and skill development.

Your HEAR is will have information about the programme you studied, your modules and results, and final degree award, and it can also include: 

  • Information about any programme, department or faculty prizes achieved and accredited placements undertaken
  • Extra-curricular activities - such as voluntary work and various UBU or university activities and roles

To be included on your HEAR, all activities have to be endorsed by the University. Learn more about this from the HEAR Activities page.

What does the HEAR look like?

The HEAR is divided into eight sections. All HEARs across the country follow this same format. The two sections that you'll want to focus on are Section 4, which records your academic results, and Section 6.1, which records any endorsed achievements.

Accessing Your HEAR

HEARs will be generated through the Gradintelligence system. This is a separate website that you will be able to access long after you leave Bradford and your university IT account closes. You can activate your Gradintelligence account at any time during your studies and will receive an email to your university account with an activation link.

Using Gradintelligence, you can access your HEAR as it develops throughout your studies to get a sense of your progress and to help you form goals for the rest of your time at Bradford. After you graduate, you can use Gradintelligence to securely share your HEAR with potential employers and any other third parties to provide a verified record of your achievements in higher education.

For further information see the Gradintelligence website.