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A physiotherapy student massaging the knee of another student

Our 3-year BSc Physiotherapy and 4-year MPhysiotherapy (Sport and Exercise Medicine) courses are popular modular programmes that offer both classroom and clinical-based experience. Students have access to outstanding facilities, including a movement laboratory and practice suites, and have the opportunity to participate in the Faculty's onsite Physiotherapy Clinic. The degree helps students to treat the young and the old who are suffering from illness, accidents or ageing. 

Movement laboratory

The movement laboratory consists of a double height exercise area, a single height exercise area and a research area, all with a state of the art sprung floor. This room is used extensively for the teaching of exercise, neuro-rehabilitation and other practical group activities.

The area is extensively equipped with double width rehab plinths, audio visual equipment, portable rehabilitation equipment, wall bars, exercise machines, and Nintendo Wiis and Wii Fits. The area is also used to rehabilitate patients who access the Faculty’s Physiotherapy Clinic.

The research space provides a separate area for undergraduate and postgraduate research activities and contains both gait and movement analysis systems and an isokinetic testing machine.

A smiling student pulling strength bands in our physiotherapy suite.

Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic

The Faculty of Health Studies has an onsite Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic. It is designed to serve University students, staff and the general public, and provides our students with hands on practical experience

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Find out more about our Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic 

Physiotherapy practice suites

The Faculty has two physiotherapy practice suites which are used for both undergraduate and postgraduate practical teaching activities.

These suites have been designed to simulate physiotherapy outpatient environments, each containing 10 curtained cubicles. They therefore provide a realistic learning environment for physiotherapy and sport rehabilitation activities.

Both rooms are equipped with state of the art audio and visual equipment, and are fully WiFi enabled with laptop stands to allow students to access online learning materials and videos.

They are also extensively equipped with anatomical models, physiology testing and simulation equipment and electrotherapy equipment.

Both rooms are also used for the University’s student led Physiotherapy Clinic, providing students with the opportunity to assess and treat real patients as part of their physiotherapy training.

Physiotherapy practical session

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