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Public health

Public health research investigates population patterns of health and wellbeing as well as patterns of illness, disability and injury within a society.

The academic and practice tasks are to understand and to respond  to those different challenges with strategies for prevention and harm reduction as well as enhancements to health and wellbeing. Much of this kind of research investigates the social and physical determinants of health and illness whether these are found in gender, ethnic or class relationships to scarce resources or whether these relate to types of environment such as workplaces or water quality, or whether these might relate to particular occupations or leisure activities.

In our faculty there exists a strong interest in public health approaches to gender, domestic violence, offender health, end of life care, mental health, and neonatal health. There are also academic interest and research focused on public health practice methods such as community development, social ecology, public education, health policy, death and health literacy, and an assortment of health services research around help-seeking behavior among local ethnic minorities in relation to cancer. There is significant public health research into ageing, experiences of dementia, and caregiving as well.