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Inclusion and diversity

Research in this area focuses on interdisciplinary collaborations across education, research, knowledge transfer, consultancy and entrepreneurial initiatives, building on the coherent collection of work undertaken by the Centre.

Academic work includes policy development and research across all diversity areas sharing an ethos of critical belonging across global research partners confronting social and health inequalities in their respective countries and celebrating diversity. A common focus is on the intersectionality of peoples’ lived experiences, locally, nationally, and globally, maximising transformational synergies across communities through the identification, inclusion and development of innovation for human rights and needs.

The broad themes of activity include: Workforce Diversity – representative and participative diversity, inclusive workplaces; Tackling inequalities in service delivery including health, social care, education, justice, business, and housing; Cross-cultural negotiation and engagement in workplaces and public services by employees, clients, community and family. A critical mass of this research work occurs within the faculty’s Centre for Diversity and Inclusion [CfiD]. CfID has also built a reputation for delivering high quality conferences which has helped to bring together strategic global collaborators and to stimulate cross-disciplinary exchange and open dialogue on sensitive issues of social justice. The two regular conferences are led by CfiD are: The Rosa Parks Annual Symposium and Making Diversity Interventions Count Annual Conference.