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Project stages

The project is taking place in three stages:

  • Realist review: 

A realist review will be undertaken to construct and test programme theories regarding: (1) what supports and constrains the implementation of multifactorial falls risk assessment and tailored multifactorial falls prevention interventions in acute hospitals; and (2) how, why, in what contexts, and for whom tailored multifactorial falls prevention interventions lead to a reduction in patients’ falls risk.

We will first identify stakeholders’ theories concerning these two topics. We will then test these theories systematically, using primary studies to determine whether empirical evidence supports, refutes, or suggests a revision or addition to the identified theories.

  • Study of current practice:

To further refine the theories, we will undertake a multi-site case study across three acute hospital Trusts, gathering data through ethnographic observation, interviews with staff and patients, and review of patient records and other documents.

  • Developing actionable guidance:

We will translate the findings into actionable guidance that Trusts can use to inform their own falls risk assessment and prevention strategies.

Patient and public involvement

Patients and carers will be interviewed when we study current practice,to understand their experiences of the falls risk assessment process. We are also working with a Lay Research Group throughout the project to ensure that the service user and carer perspective is embedded within the study at all stages– see lay researcher group page.