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Dr Sahdia Parveen

PositionSenior Research Fellow
DepartmentCentre for Applied Dementia Studies
Telephone01274 236089

Research Interests (key words only)

Dementia, carers, culture and ethnicity, familism, illness perceptions, statistics, quantitative research methods.

PhD Supervision

Akhlak Rauf.


Dr Sahdia Parveen completed her BSc (hons) in Psychology with neuropsychology in 2006 at the University of Wales, Bangor; followed by a MSc in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Health Psychology. Sahdia’s MSc thesis and PhD focused on the influence of ethnicity, culture and willingness to care on family carer outcomes (gains, distress and quality of life).

Following her PhD research, Sahdia joined the Ascertaining Barriers to Compliance project in 2011. This was a multi-national research project exploring the determinants to medicine adherence using health economics and health psychology models of behaviour.  In 2012, Sahdia joined the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research group at the Bradford Institute for Health Research as a research fellow. Sahdia was involved with a range of projects examining patient safety factors in health care. She also developed an interest in patient and public involvement in research. Sahdia was delighted to join the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies in August 2013.

Study History

  • (2006) BSc (hons) Psychology with Neuropsychology
  • (2007) MSc Clinical Psychology
  • (2011) PhD Health Psychology

Current Projects

  • (October 2015-September 2018) Parveen, S. Familism, willingness to care and preparedness of current and prospective carers to support a person with dementia. Alzheimer’s Society. £225k

  • (April 2015-July 2017) Surr, C; Oyebode, J; Smith, S; Parveen, S; Capstick, A; Dennison, A; Meads, D & Irving, D. (co app/Work package lead) Understanding Effective Dementia Workforce Education and Training: A Formative Evaluation (DeWET Evaluation). Department of Health. £450k

  • (August 2014-August 2015) Singh S, Siddiqi N, Oyebode J, Parveen S, Rauf A, Humphrey S, North C. Development of an intervention to improve the care pathway for minority ethnic families where a member has dementia. NHS Research Capability Funding

  • (April 2014-February 2015) Oyebode, J & Parveen, S. Evaluation of an Information Programme for South Asian Families (IPSAF). Alzheimer’s Society

  • (January 2014-September 2014) Parveen S, Oyebode J, Siddiqi N et al. NIHR PPI research grant for bid development


  • BME Dementia Network - sharing good practice in dementia care for minority ethnic communities across Yorkshire and Lancashire
  • Dementia Champion - raising awareness of dementia, and creating demntia friends


See Dr Parveen's publications on Bradford Scholars

Parveen S, Blakey H, Oyebode JR. Evaluation of a carers' information programme culturally adapted for South Asian families. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2017;1–6.

Surr, C. A; Cara Gates, Donna Irving, Jan Oyebode, Sarah Jane Smith, Sahdia Parveen, Michelle Drury, Alison Dennison. Effective Dementia Education and Training for the Health and Social Care Workforce: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Review of Educational Research, 87 issue: 5, page(s): 966-1002.

Parveen, S; Peltier, C & Oyebode, J.R. (2016). Perceptions of dementia and use of services in minority ethnic communities: a scoping exercise. Journal of Health and Social Care in the Community. DOI: 10.1111/hsc.12363

Oyebode, J.R & Parveen, S (2016). Psychosocial interventions for people with dementia: An overview and commentary on recent developments. Dementia. doi: 10.1177/1471301216656096

Blakey, H; Parveen, S & Oyebode, J.R. (2016). Does size matter? The benefits and challenges of voluntary sector partnerships in dementia service provision for South Asian communities in England. Voluntary Sector Review 7 (2), 191-208

Griffiths, A.W; Parveen, S & Gates, C. (2016). Common sense to evidence based practice. Journal of Dementia Care. 

Parveen, S; Robins, J; Griffiths, A & Oyebode, J (2015) Dementia Detectives: Busting the myths surrounding dementia in schools. Journal of Dementia Care, 23 (4), 12-13

Lötsch, F.,  Auer-Hackenberg, L., Groger, M., Rehman, K., Morrison, V., Holmes, E., Parveen, S., Plumpton, C.O.,  Clyne, W.,  de Geest, S., Dobbels, F., Vrijens, B., Kardas, P, Hughes, D & Ramharter. M. (2015. Adherence of patients to long-term medication: a cross-sectional study of antihypertensive regimens in Austria. The Central European Journal of Medicine, 127 (9-10), 379-384.

Morrison,V., Holmes, E.A.F, Parveen, S., Plumpton, C.O., Clyne, W., DeGeest,S., Dobbels,F., Vrijens,B., Kardas, P & Hughes, D.A. (2015). Predictors of Self Reported Adherence to Antihypertensive Medicines: A Multinational, Cross-Sectional Survey. Value in Health, 18, 206-216.

Parveen, S; Oyebode, J & Downs, M (2014). Exploring cross cultural and country responses to dementia. New perspectives and approaches: a multi-faith/cultural view. In A compendium of essays: New perspectives and approaches to understanding dementia and stigma. ILC. 

Parveen S, Peltier C, Powell J, Oyebode J (2015) Bradford Dementia Roadshows: Promoting awareness of dementia and access to support for people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Journal of Dementia Care.

Parveen S, Giles S, Din I (2014) A collaborative approach to patient involvement in research: Challenges and enablers. Research Policy and Planning. 30(3), 167-177

McEachan RRC, Lawton RJ, O’Hara JK, Armitage G, Giles S, Parveen S,  Watt IS, Wright J (2014 - in press) Developing a reliable and valid patient measure of safety in hospitals (PMOS): a validation study. BMJ Quality and Safety.

Parveen S, Morrison V, Robinson CA (2014) Does coping mediate the relationship between familism and caregiver outcomes? Aging and Mental Health. 18 (2): 255-259.

Taylor N, Parveen S, Robins V, Slater B, Lawton R (2013) Development and initial validation of the Patient Safety Behaviours Questionnaire. Implementation Sciences. 8:81.

Parveen S, Morrison V, Robinson CA (2013) Ethnicity, familism and willingness to care: Important influences on caregiver mood? Aging and Mental Health. 17(1): 115-124.

Parveen S, Morrison V (2012) Predictors of caregiver gains: A longitudinal study. British Journal of Health Psychology. 17(4): 711-723.

Parveen S, Morrison V, Robinson CA (2011) Ethnic Variations in the caregiver role: A qualitative study. Journal of Health Psychology. 16(6): 862-872.

Parveen S, Morrison V (2009) Predictors of familism: A pilot study. Journal of Health Psychology. 14(8): 1135-1143.

Public/Academic/Stakeholder Engagement


  • Alzheimer’s Europe Conference (2015) Best Poster for ‘Dementia Detectives: Busting the myths surrounding dementia in schools.’

  • Bradford District Care Trust conference (2016). Poster award for ‘Caregiving HOPE: How obligations, willingness and preparedness influence carer wellbeing’

  • Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Research Leader Award for Patient and Public engagement. (2015). £1000.


  • Dementia Congress UK (2016) Workshop on ‘Raising awareness of dementia in young people’

  • Alzheimer’s Society conference (2016) Caregiving HOPE: How obligations, willingness and preparedness influence carer wellbeing

  • Bradford District Care Trust conference (2016). Caregiving HOPE: How obligations, willingness and preparedness influence carer wellbeing

  • What works in dementia education and Training

  • Parveen S, Peltier C, Oyebode J (2014) Variations in the understanding of dementia and awareness of available services in minority ethnic groups. Paper presented at British Society of Gerontology conference. September.

  • Parveen S, Morrison V, Robinson C (2014) Determinants of anxiety and depression in South Asian and white British carers. Paper presented at British Society of Gerontology conference. September.

  • Parveen S, Peltier C, Oyebode J (2014) Bradford Dementia Awareness Roadshows. Paper presented at Making Diversity Interventions Count Conference. June.

  • Parveen S, Morrison V, Robinson CA (2014) Ethnic variations in the carer role. Paper presented at NHS Real World Research Conference. April.


  • Scientific advisor for a Wellcome Trust project ‘Leilah and Abdullah’ film 
  • Dementia Detectives - a one hour session dedicated to dementia awareness. The workshop has been designed for secondary school students aged 14 to 16 years

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