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Dr Danielle Jones

PositionLecturer in Dementia Studies
DepartmentCentre for Applied Dementia Studies
Telephone01274 236469

Research Interests (key words only)

Experience of living with dementia; Relationships in families where a member has dementia; Medical communication and interaction; Qualitative methodologies; Conversation Analysis; Memory assessment and diagnosis.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Danielle is the Programme leader for the BSc in Dementia Studies and BSc in Dementia Education and Training.

Her principal teaching responsibilities are on the BSc Programmes, which involve modules/topics on family communication and interaction, practice development and organisational change and evidence-based dementia practice. Danielle also teaches on the PG programmes, putting her research into practice when teaching modules on assessment and diagnosis, as well as teaching research methods to MSc students.

Areas of practice development interest: Facilitating communication; Sustaining positive family relationships; Memory assessment and diagnostic practice.


Dr Danielle Jones graduated with a first class honours degree in Sociology from the University of York (2006), and continued to gain a distinction in her MA in Social Research (2009), before completing her PhD at the University of York (2012).

Danielle’s research specialism is a methodology called Conversation Analysis (CA). CA is a qualitative, micro-analytic, systematic method for studying real-life interaction. It uses audio- and video-recordings of authentic interactions to enable direct observation and fine-grained analysis, focusing not only on what is said but how it is said. It is widely recognised as the leading methodology for investigating everyday interaction. Danielle has used this method to explore the implications of Alzheimer’s disease for family communication and relationships. Through this research, she developed a unique approach to helping families manage the sometimes-difficult interactions that arise as a result of the condition.

Danielle has also been involved in a pilot clinical research study, which was funded by the National Institute for Health Research, Research for Patient Benefit programme (NIHR, RfPB). Along with collaborators from the departments of Neurology and Neuropsychology at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield and colleagues at Loughborough University, they investigated communication in memory clinic encounters and identified patterns and features of interaction during memory assessments which aided in the differential diagnosis of dementia and functional memory complaints. This project demonstrated the potential for CA approaches to aid practitioners with clinical decision-making during the assessment and diagnosis of dementia.

Danielle is also the founder of the Dementia Communication Research Network (DCRN), an international network of scholars involved in undertaking research on Dementia and Communication.

Study History

PhD (University of York)

MA Social Research Methods (University of York)

BA (Hons) Sociology (University of York)


Jones, D., Drew, P., Elsey, C., Blackburn, D., Wakefield, S., Harkness, K. and Reuber, M. (2016) Conversational assessment in memory clinic encounters: interactional profiling for differentiating dementia from functional memory disorders. Aging & Mental Health, 20(5): 500-509.

Elsey, C., Drew, P., Jones, D., Blackburn, D., Wakefield, S., Harkness, K. and Reuber, M. (2015) Towards diagnostic conversational profiles of patients presenting with dementia or functional memory disorders to memory clinics. Patient Education and Counselling, 98(9):1071-7.

Jones, D. (2015) A family living with Alzheimer’s disease: The communicative challenges. Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice, 14 (5):555-573.

Jackson, C. and Jones, D. (2012) ‘Well they had a couple of bats to be truthful: Well-prefaced, self-initiated repairs in managing relevant accuracy in interaction’. Journal of Pragmatics, 47 (1), pp.28-40.

Kitzinger, C. and Jones, D. (2007) ‘When May calls home: The Opening Moments of Family Telephone Conversations with an Alzheimer’s Patient’. Feminism & Psychology, 17 (2), pp.184-202.

Conference Presentations/Talks

Elsey, C., Jones, D., Drew, P., Reuber, M. (2015) Demonstrating the differential diagnostic potential of Conversation Analysis (CA) in the memory clinic. Paper presented at Conversation Analysis & Clinical Encounters Conference, Loughborough University, June 2015.

Elsey, C., Jones, D., & Drew, P. (2014) Towards a conversational diagnosis of dementia. Paper presented at Life with Dementia Conference, Norrkoping, Sweden, October 2014.

Jones, D. & Lindley, L. (2014) Repetition and intersubjectivity in family communication. Paper presented at Life with Dementia Conference, Norrkoping, Sweden, October 2014.

Jones, D. (2014) The application of dementia research in clinical practice. Paper presented at Communications training day for consultant Neurologists, Neurophysiologists, Neuropsychologists and Neurosurgeons at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK, July 2014

Jones, D. (2014) Memory and memory failure in memory clinic interactions. Paper presented at The 4th International Conference on Conversation Analysis, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA, June 2014

Jones, D. (2014) Memory in interaction: the diagnostic relevance of displayed memory during clinical encounters in a memory clinic. Paper presented at University of Sheffield, Feb 2014.

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