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Our Consultancy Services - Just ASK

You want an evidence based, business-minded approach to developing your service:

We can help you to:

  • Get to Grips with the Challenges You Face in Improving Care Services for People with Dementia
  • Know Where to Start in the Practice Development Process
  • Choose From a Range of Interventions to Support Practice Development
  • No Frills, no Unachievable Goals, no Window Dressing - Just Solid, Evidenced Based Consultancy That Works with You to Achieve Sustainable Results

We provide the following evidence based consultancy service, through our ASK service:

Assess and Diagnose

  • Common Sense, Detailed Reports Highlighting Areas for Development
  • An Observation of Practice from the Perspective of Residents with Dementia, Using an Internationally Recognised Observational Tool
  • A Critical Review of Your Existing Care Policy in Terms of its Fit with New Regulations
  • An Audit of Staff Skills and Knowledge Using Specially Developed Tools
  • An Audit of the Physical Environment
  • An Evaluation of Operational Performance

Suggest and Plan

  • Tailored Interventions and Supports to Suit your Organisation and Budget
  • Help with Planning and Implementation Strategies
  • Jargon Free Contracting Arrangement
  • No Hidden Fees, Clear Project Plans with Deliverables
  • Project Management Advice and Support

Knowledge Transfer

  • Bespoke Training in a Range of Formats Including Face to Face, Workbooks, Online
  • Accredited Education for Key Staff
  • Training in Use of Practice Development Methodology - Dementia Care Mapping
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Managers and Leaders

For further information please contact Prof Murna Downs.