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Dementia Practice Development Consultancy

We recognise that training is most effective in achieving a change in care practices when it is part of an organisational development approach.

Therefore, we offer a consultancy service to organisations, partnering to develop bespoke change management projects combining training with supporting staff to implement change.

We have a proven track record of working in partnership with organisations to identify areas for development and develop realistic plans to improve care practices in dementia care.

By combining our expertise in practice, evaluation and research we are able to realise and embed person-centred care in a timely and sustainable way.

Our Consultancy Services

We can help you to:

  • Get to grips with the challenges you face in improving care services for people with dementia
  • Know where to start in the Practice Development process
  • Choose from a range of interventions to support Practice Development
  • No frills, no unachievable goals, no window dressing - just solid, evidence-based consultancy that works with you to achieve sustainable results

We provide the following evidence based consultancy service:

Assess and Diagnose

  • Common sense, detailed reports highlighting areas for development
  • An observation of practice from the perspective of residents with dementia, using an internationally recognised observational tool
  • A critical review of your existing care policy in terms of its fit with new regulations
  • An audit of staff skills and knowledge using specially developed tools
  • An audit of the physical environment
  • An evaluation of operational performance

Suggest and Plan

  • Tailored interventions and support to suit your organisation and budget
  • Help with planning and implementation strategies
  • Jargon free contracting arrangement
  • No hidden fees, clear project plans with deliverables
  • Project management advice and support

Knowledge Transfer

  • Bespoke training in a range of formats, including face-to-face, workbooks and online
  • Accredited education for key staff
  • Training in the use of practice development methodology - Dementia Care Mapping
  • Coaching and mentoring for managers and leaders

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