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Project Overview

There are currently 670,000 carers supporting a family member living with dementia.

With an ageing population, more and more family members will be relied upon to support people living with dementia at home.

Health care professionals often assume those family members are willing and able to care for a person with dementia at home. However little is known about how willing and prepared carers of people with dementia feel and whether the next generation is prepared to support people living with dementia at home.

Aims and Objectives of the Caregiving HOPE study

Current Carers

1. How are obligations to care, preparedness and willingness to care associated and how do they change over time?

2. How do changes in the above influence changes in carer outcomes (gains, burden, anxiety and depression)?

3. What enabled current carers to feel more prepared and what advice would they give future carers?

Future Carers

4. What are the attitudes and levels of knowledge with regards to dementia, sense of obligation, perceptions of preparedness and willingness to care in those in non carers?

5. Do attitudes towards dementia, belief in capabilities and preparedness influence willingness to care?

6. What would enable this generation to feel more prepared for the carer role?

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