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Plan of Work

Study 1: National study with carers

372 white British and South Asian carers will be invited to complete three questionnaires over 12 months in this cohort study.

10 South Asian and 10 White British carers will also be interviewed  three times over 12 months to explore the values that shaped their carer experience, how prepared carers felt prior to becoming active carers and for successive steps in carer role and what would have helped them feel more prepared.

Carers will be given cameras to take pictures of what enabled them to feel prepared and confident. This will form the basis for a ‘Tips for Carers’ book which will focus on preparing for various aspects of the role.

Study 2: National study with non carers

170 people who are not providing care for a person living with dementia will also be invited to complete a one off questionnaire online.

To be included in this study, participants must be aged over 18 years and have no experience of supporting a person living with dementia.

In addition, six focus groups will be conducted with 48 participants to explore attitudes towards dementia care, willingness to care and what would facilitate feelings of preparedness.

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