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Our key achievements to date

In the first year of the BHiRCH project we developed an intervention intended to improve the health of care home residents, and reduce avoidable hospital admissions.

We collected evidence to inform the intervention:

  • Feedback from academic and health care experts about the proposed Care Pathway
  • Interviews with key informants such as care home staff and care professionals, about the knowledge and skills that are required for care home staff to detect and manage changes in health conditions before any significant deterioration
  • Interviews with family carers about how they are involved in care homes
  • Literature reviews to inform each component of the intervention
  • Consensus workshops were held in August, October and December 2015. These involved family carers, care home professionals and primary care professionals.  We sought advice and reached consensus on each component of the intervention

Final development of the complex intervention

In the second year of the project the team finalised the intervention, which includes assessment and diagnostic tools for the four conditions that people are most likely to be admitted to hospitals when it was avoidable.

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study began in two care homes in October 2016 and ended in February 2017.  During the study we:

  • tested study procedures in preparation for a Pilot Trial
  • examined whether our approach to data collection was feasible
  • identified refinements that were needed to the intervention and implementation support

Pilot Trial

We received full ethical approval for the Pilot Trial in October 2017 and began recruiting participants and collecting data in 14 care homes in November.  We are now coming to the end of our pre-intervention period for the collection of baseline data.

  • We have been successful in recruiting staff, residents and family members.  We have been given invaluable assistance with recruitment from local Clinical Research Networks in Yorkshire and London
  • Training for 'Practice Development Champions', drawn from members of nursing staff from each care home allocated to receive the intervention, will take place on 24 and 26 January

Last updated 23 January 2018